Holiday Insurance

Hi everyone I’ve been diagnosed about 3 months and was wondering if there are any specialist insurers for holiday cover that any of you have used or use now. Any advice much appreciated…… sorry if this is in the wrong category but still trying to navigate the forum

Hi Greg,

I wiill be keeping my eye on any replies you receive as it is something I have been wondering about.

Hope you are doing OK with your diagnosis.

Hi both,

People have had different experiences (so true of Parkinson in every sense) so this is just my experience but I found that some of the specialist providers charge more than ‘mainstream’ providers so I would be inclined to work out what you actually need from your cover at this point in time and then shop around. My premiums increased a little once I declared my PD but not significantly as I am still not in need of a great need of medical support.
One thing I would say about going on holiday is to take enough medication for an unplanned extension ( if indeed you are taking medication) - I nearly got caught out once after my passport got stolen and it looked for a while as though I was going to have to extend my stay in order to sort out a replacement :roll_eyes:.

Good luck with the holiday planning. Jx

Hello Gregb, I used one of the comparison websites and declared it as a pre existing medical condition. I got cover with a 5 star defaqto rated company paying less than the year before my diagnosis.

I’m sure you will have no trouble getting travel insurance.
When my husband was first diagnosed in 2016 we already had a holiday booked an expensive cruise.
We cancelled as my husband had not seen a specialist at that point and really didn’t feel up to going.
The insurance company paid up for our cancellation without any problems.

We then re booked for the following year and the same company accepted our insurance without any queries and not much increase in premium.
So good luck and enjoy your holiday

Thanks to all of you that gave advice, I now have insurance with Parkinson’s declared and found the main stream providers were cheaper and gave better cover than ones advertised as specialists…. So all good thank you