Holiday medication

Hi all,

has anybody had problems getting extra medication to cover a holiday abroad?

my GP is being very awkward.


Our doctor is very good about this and always gives us two months supply. He points out that hubby doesn't need the added stress of worrying about tablets as well as the travelling. Have another word with him or is there any more doctors in your practise you could go to


If you are on a repeat prescription you should be at least two weeks in hand.

Thanks Christo,

i will have to have it out with him. Also, I'll see my PD nurse and see what she says.


Hi Horace

i have not had any problem getting as much medication as I need for holidays.  Last year we spent two months touring Spain and Portugal in our campervan and I needed more than two months supply as we were flexible about when we were coming home and I knew it would take several days to get some more.  I always speak to the receptionist and explain the situation as leaving a message on the repeat prescription answer machine doesn't work.  Hope you get more sympathetic treatment from your doctor.