Holiday Tips

 Going away from home always causes me to worry - so I don't do it very often. I was wondering if those of you who do still like to travel had any useful tips to smooth the way.

Parkinson's UK have some advice on the web-site and in a downloadable document.

For example

How do you cope with time changes for medication?

What if your medicine gets lost abroad?

What are the best ways to cope with airports/air travel.


How do you cope with tiny toilet cubicle on plane?

What if you have one of your biggest 'off' sessions going through customs?

Most convenient types of bags/clothes/toiletries?







I'm still able to do most things when the drugs work and when I'm engrossed in a task can stretch the meds timings a little.  Cruises are ideal for having a room to rest in when needed but still be able to pop ashore or attend a show for a while.  Long, all day excursions require luck.

Getting sufficient drugs ahead of the trip so you can split them over several cases takes planning.

Airplane toilets are usually too small to fall over in and I'm often found in the aisle stretching to keep the cramps at bay.

As for queues, letting staff know you have PD usually gets you onboard cruise ships quickly.

Thanks Kendo - I completed journey and holiday with hardly any problems I am happy to say.