Holiday Travel

My husband has Parkinson with Lewey Bodies, and I was thinking of going abroad for which may be our last holiday, and wondered if anyone could recommend a travel insurance company, and if so was it very expensive

Following as ours is up for renewal in March

Hello Hal.53 … Depends on your age, what medical conditions you want covering & where you are going.

I’d google travel insurance companies & talk to them. Also look at the reviews they get.

Best of luck.

I totally understand your concern about finding the right travel insurance, especially given your husband’s condition. As for the cost, it can vary, but it’s worth looking into for peace of mind.

Also, if you’re considering destinations, have you ever thought about Trinidad and Tobago? I’ve heard it’s an incredible place with so much to offer in terms of relaxation and exploration. You might want to check out some Trinidad and Tobago things to do. I think it could make for an unforgettable holiday experience!

I can thourghly recommend Nationwide Building Society. We were in the States and my wife ( with PD) had to be admitted to hospital for a few hours. With an ambulance and a few tests the bill came to just short of $ 9000 !!! The account costs us £13.00 month including AA Cover, the support from NW received was excellent. Because of extra ailments to both of us there was an uplift amount but the cover was all family members and worldwide.

I appreciate your recommendation for Nationwide Building Society. It’s great to hear that they provided solid support during a tough situation in the States.

I went through something similar with my own family, and finding the right travel insurance was a bit daunting. I ended up going with a company that specialized in travel insurance for pre-existing conditions. It wasn’t as expensive as I feared, and it gave us peace of mind.