My partner wants to go abroad in next week or so I’m very reluctant to go,scared infact.any one else feel like it.i should be happy but I’m not.axiety panic attacks gone mad.different excuses in my head, what if I ill abroad what if I can’t get back home who will insure me what about if I can’t get on and off the plane people be staring at me what happens when my dystonia in my foot just comes out of the blue and I can’t walk haven’t been on holiday abroad since I was diagnosed in 2015. Any feedback of any kind good bad negative positive anything ideas please . welcomed

Hi Potter,
I can so relate with what you are going through!
At Easter my daughter and I booked a holiday to Spain, I got as far as getting on the plane, having a panic attack. tremoring for England and getting off the plane. I have never been so embarrassed and felt so guilty for ruining my daughters holiday.
At this time I was not diagnosed, I thought I was insane!
June the 4th was the day of my diagnosis.
In July I flew to Boston with my husband to see my sister. Was it easy? No but I went to my GP, got some Valium, told the air hostesses who gave me a choice to board first or last… I wore an eye mask and ear phones to drown out any noise. The air hostesses were brilliant or so my husband tells me, I cant remember. I was out for the count.
It doesn’t matter how how much others rationalize it, its your anxiety and I know it it horrible when people look. My attitude is let them, their problem not yours but I know this is not for everyone!
I really hope you make it, imagine that warm sun on your skin!
Take care and don’t feel guilty if you don’t make it.

Go on your holiday and just enjoy. I am going to Spain in 2weeks time and just can’t wait as I have had a terrible last 1 0 months. I have had PD for nearly 8 years
. Babsx

Hi @Potter, :wave:

Your fear to travel is completely understandable and as @AMU has demonstrated, you’re certainly not alone. We have a travel section on website with a range of travel tips and information which I’m sure you’ll find helpful. You an find this section here -

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I recently came back from a good holiday experience.
There is a lot to think about in the planning stages but I would encourage you to go.
The good outweighs the bad.
Here is a link to my post about my holiday experience:


Hi Potter,
3 years in and still travelling a lot for pleasure. Like you I have dystonia in my foot and tremors, firstly insurance there are lots of companies just shop around for the best deal and declare you medical conditions. Yes the price does go up dramatically once you declare pre existing conditions, in my case by just over £200 extra for annual multi trips worldwide cover. But it’s worth it for peace of mind.

Getting on to an off aeroplanes, I just muddled through the first couple of times, but now use airport assist and just don’t care what others think it helps me cope and though it might sound selfish my family and my enjoyment is top priority. Advantages airport assist usually have special lanes or jump to the front of the cue through customs /immigration. You either get boarded first or last but don’t then get caught up in the stampede of everyone rushing for their seat or rushing off the other end. Best for me is you don’t have to worry how far it is to walk to get to the right departure gate.

If you are not ready for that consider going to airport info when you arrive and ask for a sunflower lanyard. Most UK and a lot of foreign airports recognise this as, the passenger has a hidden medical condition and may need support or assistance. If you use UK train networks consider applying for a disabled person railcard and again booking assistance I struggle with my big case even though it’s on 4 wheels and on my recent trips have either had a station employee meeting us with a trolley and pushing it or just being there to help get bags off and on to a trolley before leaving.

Research you hotel destination or crusise ship too many stairs or the position of the lifts is something I take into acount. Ultimately we all should be able to enjoy our holidays but might just have to find the best coping methods. There are lots of good ideas out there in addition to the ones above I look for night flights were available as they are generally quieter and most people are asleep.

I can’t let PD stop me travelling and making lasting memories and in the end there is help out there if I want to use it. Ultimately the decision is yours but I would say pack your bag and go and enjoy your well deserved holiday :sunglasses:

I didn’t know about sunflower lanyards or their availability at airports so thank you for that. We go on holiday next week, flying from Manchester. Going through security is the bit we find most difficult and it would be so much easier if my husband was simply given more time. I try to carry most things through for both us so he has less to worry about & have bought fast track security passes for us this time too.

Hello Potter. Your worries about health matters can be easily sorted with proper travel insurance. It’s true some companies won’t insure you and we had to change from an insurer we’d been covered by for many years but there are alternatives. We now have a pretty comprehensive multi- trip annual travel policy with All Clear which covers both of us and all our health conditions. It was around 4 times as expensive as our previous policy but provides cover despite if being a difficult year health- wise for both of us. We plan to get as much out of it while we can & already have two trips abroad booked as who knows what the future holds.

Here is the link for Manchester Airport sunower scheme
I hope this helps and you have a great holiday😎

Thanks! :sunflower:

Hi dygnosed 2 years ago, i worried about going abroad, but soon got over it, if your not really bad, insurance companys, aren’t bothered, i have dystrophy in my right foot, i find if i keep walking it goes away, walked all over new york, no problem, if you can just go for it, sad to say a time may come when you cant, happy holiday

I can relate to all the comments here. I would definitely recommend booking assistance at the airport. It takes all the anxiety away about queuing in security etc, which triggers freezing and tremors for me. You can choose whether to be taken right to the plane in the wheelchair or walk from the gate. Whilst on holiday, depending on your destination, I would recommend the hop on hop off buses in most cities, we did Los Angeles this year, which was fab. When the tablets are working, you can get off the bus for a bit, but you see all the sights sitting down. I hope you enjoy the holiday. Don’t let PD spoil it, just do what you can.