Please can anyone help me i have only been on meds for a monthi am going to scicily for a week i am on REQUIP XL and Domperidone i usualy take meds at 8am does the hours time difference make any difference to the time i take meds Thank you Chris

Just keep the gaps between your meds the same as it is now. If your holidays are anything like mine there'll be lots of other things going on as well. ie eating, drinking, late nights, siestas blah blah

Just enjoy!
Thanks Spam will enjoy Chris
I agree with Spam. Its a great destination.
At the risk of stating the blindingly obvious, but only cos i am packing to go on hols myself, take double the meds you need, one lot in hold baggage and one lot in hand baggaege, to avoid risk of loss, plus extra, in case of script tucked in with each set of tablets. I've done this to various places and encountered no problems at customs. Have a fab holiday!
Thanks Jo72 for help chris
Jo72 Have a great holiday as well Take care chris
It should be easy if you are only on Requip XL and not involved in any huge time difference. This is what John does and we have travelled all over the world. Take your medication at the same time as you would at home but adjust for the time difference.So if you take your medication at,for example, 7am in the U K, add an hour for the time difference So you will take medication at 8am because Sicily is an hour ahead of the U.K.(I think that is what it will be in Sicily ,but check) John has even managed to do it like that on long haul holidays to places that have a much bigger time difference.
The most important thing is to remember to keep your medication on you in your hand luggage,not put it in your suitcase in the hold.Have a wonderful time.
So agree with Jo about taking plenty of medication.Our return from a remote Greek island was delayed in June because the ferry could not sail.This meant we missed the plane,so jolly glad we had plenty of meds.