Why is it every time i go on holiday to a hot country i feel so much better? Friends comment i'm so noticeably different in my stiffness, speed, anxiety and aches /pains! Even though the humidity is energy sapping! Does anyone else find this?

My holidays usually involve living on a boat -strange how my balance is better on water than on land? I also find i can walk much better and don't drag my leg as i usually do! Maybe it's the holiday spirit but bring it on!!

I just wish the plane journey and 16 hour delay back home hadn't undone the good work of the holiday, what a nightmare never again will i pack medication in my suitcase on the way home! (Luckily i got access to my case).

I hope and prey after reaching my 3rd anniversary of diagnosis i will keep on living life as normal as i can , i know soon i will start to deteriorate but i'l cross that bridge when it comes!

Big C
Hi big C

I went to Lanzarote in October last year and it was exactly the same, I felt so much better. For me there were 2 elements

1. The sunshine (somehow it is different over there).

2. Being off work and relaxed, away from phones,TV's, etc, Just John and me, private villa (so no-one watching) our own pool ,again no-one looking at my wobbly bits (except John and he is allowed)

It was bliss.

I work term time only and have had 4 weeks off which has seen an improvement in my symptoms but with only 2 weeks to go I am already worried about how I will cope with the stress and pressure. I love my job very much but it does affect my PD considerably at times.

Hello Both,

Friends of mine who have PD find that they are better in the sunshine abroad, and you will probably find that when you give up work you will feel quite a lot better for at least he first year as my husband did, good luck
best wishes
It's not just the good weather on holiday that helps of course,but when you go on holiday there's no hurry to do jobs and get stressed with rushing about

Thanks for all your reply's i agree stress does make pd much worse. I also find peoples reactions to my pd very different on holiday, probably because no one is in a rush to do anything so my slowness isn't as obviouse? or maybe because i'm not in danger of meeting people who new me before dx i'm less anxious - who knows?!

Back home i'm struggling again........oh roll on the next holiday!!!

I think there's two things that could be happening here:
1) Vitamin D
2) Stress reduction (as already mentioned in this thread)

There's a lot of info on the Internet about Vitamin D deficiency, sunshine (and PD). It's becoming more accepted that there's a lot of Vit D deficiency in the general population, and a lot of PWP are found to be even more deficient than that.