Holy Grail ... or pie in the sky?

What are your thoughts?

i have to say that that article was written by an idiot who has coupled together other people's stories without understanding them. in particular the 'hair and teeth abnormalities' were not abnormal hair and teeth but hair and teeth actually growing inside people's brain (which is why the avenue was cut short, even though one or two lucky people were actually cured).
the problem, from my limited understanding, is to control the stem cells so they do what we want them to do and not any more. this is incredibly complicated.
the timeline for this sort of treatment is very long, and it will also be relatively expensive. my personal opinion is that those of us that already have pd will benefit more from improvements in drug administration and development than stem cells. but it nice to have that as a 'lotto' hope.the standard quote seems to be '10 years', but never gets any less!
Lets just hope for a breakthrough of some sort. Im sure it will come one day and hopefully sooner than later. In the meantime we have to just get on with things.:wink:
from the ny times regarding the suspension of US gov funds for stem cell research
Another study that is likely to be delayed is a clinical test of human embryonic stem cells in the treatment of Parkinson’s disease. Dr. Lorenz Studer, director of the Sloan-Kettering Institute for Stem Cell Biology, said that after 10 years of work, he was on the cusp of putting the cells in people.

The court decision, if upheld, Dr. Studer said, could mean difficult choices for researchers: Either find private funding, leave the United States or delay their studies in hopes that a different kind of stem cell can be found that will work equally well.

“I can’t honestly tell you what I will do,” Dr. Studer said.

the case was brought by christian extremists. very annoying.