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Hi all, I've only just joined this forum, so apologies in advance if I've posted this to the wrong section.

My Dad has recently been assessed by Occupational Health and they have recommended a Vertical Lift be installed in his home.  They could not recommend a stair lift as they have said there was a real chance he would fall getting out of it at the top of the stairs and in the long term it would be impractical as it is very likely he will end up in a wheelchair if his condition worsens.  They have also said that they could possible convert his second bedroom into a disabled toilet/shower room (this is the spare room the lift will travel into). 

My sister and I have spent the last week calming our parents down and assuring them that this is the best option for the them in the long run.  My mum in particular is worried about the disruption to my dads routine, their house, how much work will be required to re-decorate etc once the work is complete. 

Has anyone else had this type of work carried out in their property?  Could you let me know what sort of timescale the work was completed in.   Also, how was the work funded?   The Occy Health said that they could fund some of it but they would "Means Test" my dad to see if he could contribute.  What does that entail?  They don't have any real savings to speak of but if they are going to ask for loads of paperwork from the bank I'd rather start getting it prepared now to save time.

Appreciate any advice.



Hi Gazeroo,

You can find some previous posts about home adaptations on this forum. 

As far as means testing and paying for adaptations, find out more about Disabled facilities grants or call the benefits adviser on our helpline at 0808 800 0303.

I hope this helps.


I`m in the Guildford Area and  Guildford has a handyperson service who can often do these jobs at a realistic price.  You might find this service in your area via the Adult Social service or direct through the council.

Thanks for the reply guys.  I've completed the paperwork for the means test so that will be going in the post on Monday.  I'm trying to find some funding to get heating installed, as Dad only has a gas fire in the living room.  I think I've found a scheme and have been referred via Liverpool City Council,  I'll let you know how I get on.


thanks again.