Well my saga continues, Struggling to save my business that my oh and I put everything in to, trying to recover the £223K our accountants stole from us, part of which was VAT and PAYEE. HMRC hold us liable even though accountants has admitted crime they are not interested in it. So they want every last penny I have or will seeze all my assets. Which ever way we turn we lose. The thief is still at large while the police consider what action if any to take. Police say it could be two or more years to get some if any of our money back. Over £100k was profit which we had to pay corporation tax on even though it was stolen. We have the real and almost unavoidable prospect of being made homeless from our rented accommodation, sold our house to invest in the business. My parkinsons is just terrible under this stress, my oh is ill with worry. Every official body that we have looked at for help turn out to be nothing more than blood suckers looking for a bit of scraps from assets, which will not cover the debt but these blood suckers get paid first. Read Jilly Coopers story at the weekend about her oh Leo, eats in the pub everyday, shunts back to his 9 bedroom mansion where he has a help provided during the day, Jilly taking over at night. Felt so sorry for them and Jilly's statement, " Leo needs full-time care so I do the nights and one of the wonderful carers takes over at 7.30 in the morning then I do two or three hours during the day or evenings. ‘God knows how other people cope who can’t afford private carers. We asked Social Services for more financial help but there was nothing they could do." It struck my heart so deeply I sent them my last £10. Nice to see the PD nurse pops in to see them when required, no doubt cannot afford to get the bus to the hospital, wonder how he gets to the pub. Theres me feeling sorry for myself sitting at home, not able to wipe my own arse, clean my feet, cut a slice of bread, sitting on my own waiting for my oh to come to my rescue. Life is a croc of SH*T and there seems to be a que of people who just want to add to it. Good news is got awarded my DLA highest level and middle for carer. Never claimed a penny in life until now, I am 49, I doubt I will get to Leo's grand age of 77, had pd for 2 years now and it gets worse every month. Got middle for care element because I can still get out of bed at night for one of my very frequent toilet visits. Badday today, am I bitter, yes I bloody well am. I guess I will need to go to CAB for help if there are any left. scan

dear scan, I had the same reaction to you (I think) to the jilly Cooper article. They will not be getting my last £10 though, I need it to pay for medication. (too much £ squirreled away to bury me)
hi Scan

I fully understand what your going through. Your situation is what i refer to as the "PC22S".

PC22S meaning, that your in the "parkinson's catch 22 syndrome". Doctors will tell you stress makes parkinson's disease much worse therefore to avoid stress. On the other hand the situations many of us normal working age folk find ourselves in during the years following being told you have PD, is filled with lots of stress. Stress caused by losing a job or livelihood, stress from broken relationships, stress caused by financial worries or medication side effects. On top of this it seems we have to fight just to get every bit of state welfare your entitled to? Despite in many cases having paid taxes for 30 plus years.

Then just to add insult to injury you get a millionaire book seller complaining about Social Services not providing her and her husband more financial help! If Jilly Cooper thinks that's unfair, she should try swapping places with someone like you or me or thousands of others who are living in the real world.

Blue and AB thanks for feedback.

AB was joking about my £10.

Still angry.

Keep your chin up scan, things will get better.

Can you not load this years business accounts with brought fwd running costs, thus declaring a bigger paper loss? This could enable you to reduce your tax liability this year. There is nothing new in doing this, the Banks are currently doing it with PPI write off.

I'm glad at least you got your DLA sorted. I'm not intending to make you more p****d off, but Jilly Coopers o/h probably claims DLA as well! DLA is not means tested like other benefits. So who knows she might even be driving him to the pub in his DLA motobility car.....:confused:

As DAVID C is quoted as saying, "were all in this together"
hi Blue,

I had already assumed he would be getting DLA but you never know.

The dude that stole all our money was my accountant so we are transitioning to new ones but I will ask that. Thanks for tip.

The PD just makes it so much tougher, I am being dragged to meetings etc but struggling to not pass out, since the theft I have been suffering from panic attacks, they are awful and I feel for anybody in the same situation.

I will keep my chin up and keep trying but what happens if I lose everything? that was my original question. The silly mail on sunday thing just hacked me right off.

I have to fight, 20 employees rely on the buisness keep going.

Some days like today the burdern is to much and I am ashamed to say that jumping off a tall building seems a quick way out. My oh deserves so much more and thankfully I realise that this would hurt her beyond understanding. It is only when your scared, lonely, depressed and vunerable that you see just how many shits there are in the world. Also you see some good people too like here but the shock of the negative side is over whelming.

thanks for your support.

Well I tried, I begged, wrote to the PM but unless I pay in the next 7 days its over. HMRC sympathise that we are the victims of crime but rules are rules.

I give up, I have nothing more to give but my life and that is not worth anything.

Liquidators in Monday, try to sell my lives work to cover the vat money stolen by my accountants.

The thief/s are still free, the police are slower than snails on salt. They bought two franchises with my money, trading and pulling in cash.

If i am lucky in a yar or two i might get some thing back. Just where do I live till then

You are totally helpless,unless and everybody rips you off.

Good luck all and chin up, might take time before I get back on.

Dear Scan, I hesitated to reply, but only because I just do not know what to say. The only thing that I can do is pray for you and Your O/H. And I will
Dear Scan,

AB expressed it well. Please know that you are being prayed for. Lin2

sorry for all your troubles, you and yours will be in my thoughts and prayers also

If my lotto numbers come up tonight I will help you and Eck out.

Radz xx
Thank you for your prayers.

I have a little good news which i will share later.

I am exhausted and brain fryed.

No person should ever have to face this pressure.

keep praying please.
Hello Scan, I know how your feeling, we are in dire financial difficulties due to those damn Da's. by my reckoning we have about 2 years left in our home before that goes too. I am paying debtors out of my benefits because I can no longer work and some days I feel like the whole world is caving in on me. all that I can say is...chin up and plod on. I do hope things improve for you, take care,


ps. What was your good news, I don't think you shared it?
Post Deleted
Why did you delete my post?????

How farcical that my issues which is with officialdom and this pathetic moderated web site is as bad as the people in the issues I raised.

you are not liable for what I wrote nor was anything I wrote libellous.

Your pathetic and not a help to PWP.

Take you pathetic jobs worth hat off.
Here it is again with the term [This post has been edited by moderators because it does not comply with our terms and conditions. You can find our terms and conditions here: http://www.parkinsons.org.uk/forum_policy.aspx ] removed. you have my details, I will be happy to pist them I stand by every word and welcome any legal challange.

Hi All, GlenChass,

This is the third time I have tried to put in a reply but when finished it timed out. So cunningly doing it on word first.
I suggest a cup of tea at hand this might go on a bit.
So, things are still very tough, the police have still not charged the [edited] that stole my money even though the evidence is overwhelming, [edited] A quick summary, my [edited]accountants over a two year period where taking money from us via a client account to manage my tax/Vat affairs, in all they took £243,000 and when I add the additional cost it comes in at a wonderful £340,000 plus.
So lesson one;
The victims are treated by HMRC, the Police more indifferently, negatively than the Criminals, it appears crime pays and I fully in due time intend to take benefit of that simple true fact. The police it would appear are ineffective, liars in regard to deadlines and I feel confident are incapable of solving any crime that does not include evidence from a speed camera. I concluded that the only real policing are carried out by actors such as Morse etc. I requested a meeting with the Thames Valley Chief of police to be she does not meet the public. I laughed for several minutes when told that and I ask if it was a joke! Sadly it was not. Of course I can complain to the official Police Complaints board who are the very same people dealing with solving the crimes in the first place. I will of course complain but expect little or no assistance. The criminals have had nearly six months to get rid of evidence, hide assets which is incredible as one of them went to the police to hand themselves in.
Lesson two;
HMRC do not give a **** that they over a two year period, 5 conference calls (HMRC, Accountants, Me) failed to work out that not a penny had been paid, had failed to investigate the claims by the accountant that they had paid in to a given HMRC account and the figures. HMRC where totally taken in by them. Please note HMRC asked us to do it this way. HMRC even at the final stages stated to me that I should not worry they will find the payments and even though I raised the concern on the calls was it being stolen they assured me it was highly unlikely and to relax. When the accountant handed them self in to the police and HMRC they then came at great speed to me saying the rules are simple, even though you are the victims of a criminal act as officers of the Company you are liable, they gave me seven days to give them £126,000 which included £20,000 of late payment charges. Could you make this up?
Lesson three;
The VAT man and his enforcers, well now to keep this comedy going I got a timely letter from HMRC informing me of the following,
1. You have seven days as of the date on this letter above (includes sat/sun as days) to pay £126,000.
2. If I fail to pay they will attend my premises and sequester my goods.
3. We will sell your goods at a fraction of their value.
4. As an officer of the Company they will hold me liable too.
Seven days is not a lot of time to do anything and who is going to lend me money in today’s problems to cover a debt. I had already sold my house and the profit from that was being put in to the business because borrowing was impossible. Now I have a good business, I should have had all HMRC vat/tax covered with over £100,000 profit (p.s. I still have to pay corporation tax on the profit even though it has been stolen) but as you know the thieving bastards got that.
Seven Days now let me clarify how much of the seven days where available to take action. HMRC send mail by 2nd class post, they sent it on the Monday day 1, day 2 in postal system, day 3 in postal system, day 4 Thursday I get it delivered, note not registered delivery just 2nd class post. If I had not received it for whatever reason they would have been there Monday morning. So in my hands Thursday, I call HMRC, for the first time ever I get a human being on the phone. I discuss it with her, explain all the background, she agrees and sees all the notes and accepts we are the victims of a serious crime but admits she is powerless and nothing can be done. I clarify the timelines and ask do they real mean 7 days from when it was generated and really on a second class latter? I felt sorry for this lovely lady because she was as upset as I was and frustrated by how this was being done. They have to send all letters by 2nd class post. So I have until the Monday to pay them in full.
I could feel the room spinning and went light headed, It felt like I was in a crazy trap with no exit, I immediately felt my face go white, a cold sweat start and I felt no matter how much I sucked I could not get a breath of air. I was in a full blown panic attack, my brother who was nearby thought I was having a heart attack, so did I because the pain in my chest and arms was worse than my previous real heart attack. An ambulance was called and I was rushed to hospital. My dear darling wife rushed from her office just in time to be in the Ambulance with me. (The NHS has been a star in all my illnesses and I am so grateful to them, wonderful people) I asked for the priest to attend, told my better half that she must go on and that I was so sorry for getting us in to this mess. At hospital they rushed me in, took blood, put me on a heart monitor, injection in to my stomach. They were concerned at my trace but could not be sure it was because my heart was at fault or a result of my bypass operation 2 years previously. (Hence why two years ago I had to trust somebody to manage my affairs, add a beating from being attacked and then Parkinson’s I was kind of in a hell of a spot) After about two hours they found my trace and assured me it looked fine and was the same as post op trace. I still had to wait till 12 hours past to get results to indicate if a heart attack to place. They wanted me to stay overnight but when I got the result around midnight that I had not had a heart attack I asked my brother to come and get me and take me home, I had two real days left to try and sort this out.
Lesson four;
Do not waste your time trying to explain to the VAT enforcer that you’re not well, that you’re the victim, plead for time, point to your already raised formal complaint to HMRC, tell them you have written to the Prime Minister, two MP’s, the Permanent Secretary for TAX, they are not interested. Don’t try to explain why this is crazy to put 17 people out of work; it would cost the Country more.
Lesson five;
My Bank Manager has been a diamond personally but the Bank is not to place to go for help. As soon as I informed them of the issues they closed down all of our facilities, quicker than you can say “please help”. The Bank quickly move in to self-protection mode. My accountants where the next stop and after a review they felt I should voluntarily (New accountants had so far charged £5,000 for the work they had done but would not share it until I put the fee in to their account.) put my Company in to liquidation and if I did it voluntarily it would be better for me and get HMRC involved, and as luck would have it they knew the perfectly friendly and officially registered receiver.
Lesson six;
Just because your world has fallen apart it does not mean money cannot be made by others during that fall. A form had to be submitted to Court on Monday sign and witnessed and a fee of £1,370 paid up front this would give me two weeks grace to look up my warehouse, get HMRC in line like everybody else. I asked the liquidator what he would take out of this and he replied “not sure it depends on the complexity” my research in to the cost resulted in very little understanding; it appears to be based on a percentage of value combined with fixed fees. We have a considerable amount of assets and our debt excluding HMRC was very small less than £10,000 owed to suppliers, with about £70,000 owed to us. A friend who went bust saw £23,000 going to the liquidator; his turnover was less than mine.
Lesson 8;
Just because they sympathise don’t mean they care or misguide you. The big meeting on the Monday took place which by the end of we would be locking the door and the wonderfully present double glazing door to door salesperson present AKA the liquidator went on to explain the best thing to do and how to do it. Without knowing f all about my business, how long we had traded, it was suggested that we quickly set up a new Company and sell my considerable assets to it which would avoid paying HMRC. I sat and listened to this person getting a little angrier every minute, this dude not only get paid from the old Company but also from the new Company. By the way HMRC can sell my asset for 1 peanut, but I can only buy them at a fair market rate, they invite my competitors to make bids and as long as mine if fair I should win. Two years no salary, all profit back in the business meant nothing, I have to buy it back, nudge, nudge, wink, wink, like he is doing me a favour, so say maybe £50,000. Of course once we sign the second bit of paper he would be the official liquidator and could not have these types of conversations, oh and he might be able to keep me on as an employee wink, wink. Forgive me my use of bad language but my thought where you’re a slimy bastard that is as ethical as the crooks who stole from me in the first place.
Lesson 9;
During the meeting 3 things happened. Just went I felt all was lost there was a knock on the meeting room door, one of my staff needed to speak to one of my employees in the meeting with me. I told him to go take the call and he returned shortly with a bit of good news, a prospect came in and would mean some additional revenue from a new Customer, which was nice but would be too late to sort out HMRC. Around 10 minutes later my mobile went off and I knew by the number it was the police so I took the call. I was inform by the end of that week several arrested would be made. I wondered if that was due to the letter I sent to the prime Minister where I moaned about the police. This meant that a wider net of people involved would help with getting our money back and address through public indemnity insurance. The meeting continued but my mind already doubted this course of action. We continued for another twenty minutes or so when again we were interrupted by a member of staff who had to sign for a letter from HMRC for me. Immediately opened it and was stunned by its content, my 24 page letter of Complaint which had previously been rejected as valid reason of exceptional circumstances being unable to pay was now formally accepted, all defaults and penalties would be removed. £20,000 was immediately taken of the bill outstanding. Further until all of the pints I raised where reviewed and dealt with no further action will be taken by HMRC in relation to these debts. I let the blood sucker finish his pitch and the second he left informed all that we would continue and hope we would eventually get through this.
Lesson 10;
Never give up trying but know when to quit too. In my heart then and now I know I have no choice but to save my business, for my wife, for the employees and most of all for me, I have invested everything I have and I am to not go down to the last penny. Who is going to employee a PWP, heart bypass person in today’s world? Unlike Jilly Cooper (why I got so pissed off by that article) I cannot afford to spend every lunch time at the pub and moan that the local authorities could not do more. In many ways I am still in the trap and still have huge problems with HMRC waiting to be resolved
If you have read this far then I guess another page will not hurt, below is a copy of the letter to the PM. I have removed info where legally necessary.
Thank you to those who prayed for us, please do so again and to the kind and supportive words of others.

The Rt Hon David Cameron MP
10 Downing Street
London SW1A 2AA
United Kingdom

Dear Mr Cameron,
Can I please ask your assistance in a serious problem my business XXXX Ltd is having with HMRC. We are the victims of theft by our accountancy firm who stole £223,000 from us over two years. This money was to cover VAT payment for which they were engaged to do as well as manager our accounts. We entrusted this Company who were highly recommended to look after my business as at the time I was recovering from a heart bypass operation. My on-going health has got worse with Parkinson’s disease so it has been critical the part they played in my Company.
It now transpires they were not paying the VAT and not a single penny was paid. An employee of our accountants has handed them self in to the police and admitted the crime. That is being progressed at a snail’s pace,
We struck a deal with HMRC to pay a monthly amount and give them money as we got it back through the police case. The debt to HMRC is £97,000, HMRC hold TSATM liable even though they accept we are the victims of serious fraud. HMRC failed to discover that the payments had been made and it took them two years to realise they were also duped by this individual.
We failed to pay our last quarter payment on time by 3 days, the payment to cover the debt was made on time. HMRC have decided because we were 3 days late that the agreement was now void and have served us with 7 days’ notice to pay the full amount or they will take over and sell our goods and close us down.
This is lunacy, 15 people jobs will vanish, these poor people will be a burden to the state costing more than this £97,000. We are a good business, bring back manufacturing to the UK, every penny of profit back in to the business. We contribute not burden the Country.
My Wife and I have given everything to this business, our savings, our home and our health, we are caught in a crazy situation as victims being bullied by our state. We have nothing more to give, please help us and bring some sanity to this matter. Please inform your HMRC people to support us, help us, and work with us in this exceptional circumstances issue, so that we can continue to contribute to our Country.

We are trying to get our Bank to help but it looks very doubtful, it is extremely difficult if not impossible to borrow money to pay off a debt.
My business is based in xxxxxx, its employees mostly live in xxxxxx.
We have very little time and without your intervention all will be lost in the next 7 days.
Please I know you are under many pressures please make time for us in any way you can.

Yours Sincerely

Xxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
Managing Director
So sorry you are in this difficult situation. I really cant advise as I dont have the business experience etc to do so. All I know is that if you go to your own MP's surgery MPs can do a lot -and ask very searching questions of government agencies and departments. I know you have written to Cameron but I would advise this too.
thank you.

it appears the original post was removed because of one word.

Dear moderator I was born without a father and the trem used frquently through my life was that i was a bastard. Also like all young people who did woodwork at school giggled when introduced to the bastard file, a valid and still used term.

So I must assume that i as a bastard who used a bastard file in school cannot use the term to describe people who ruined my life. Lets hope they are not offended, and when I meet them in Court Unbelivabley Next Tuesday Somebody needs to help me to ensure I dont swear at them and offend these poor thiefs.

200,000 people plus suffer from Parkinsons, yet so few visit this site, I wonder why. This site is a joke.
post deleted
Dear Scan

I've read your posts and it is very obvious that you are at a desperate place in your life. You are angry, sad, lost and searching for answers to a world which, at the moment, seems unbearable.

I am sure that everyone on this site would love to help.

But the problem is that we don't know what to advise. Your situation is very complicated and I, for one, have no clue how to sort out your business problems. It's not that we aren't telling you, it's that we don't know what you can do.

Please try and see your issues as a combination of smaller issues. We can help with your PD problems and maybe some other things, but we don't know how to fix your whole life.

Good luck with the future. Rest assured that everyone here will try to help as much as they can.

Best wishes
Hello Scan I have just finished reading your posts and would like to offer my condolences regarding your current financial/business difficulties, what a saga!
It's hard enough trying to manage a chronic condition without all of the other stuff that life throws at us. I'm sure I speak for others on the forum when I say you have been in our thoughts since you first posted with regard to your current situation. You certainly do appear to have had a very tough time of things lately and I do hope that things begin to improve.

Advice I cannot offer as I have no head for business but support and empathy I have in abundance and willingly offer both. My thoughts are with you and your family, please keep us informed, I for one would like to know the outcomes. Take care