Honorary lifetime awards for some members

hi i just read about the memberes who have been recognised as working hard for our charity. this is wonderful for them to be recognised for their abilities and kindness towards parkinsons uk branches. but i would like to say we are all volunteers and we are all helping parkinsons uk because we have parkinsons or have been affected by it etc, family, friends.i want to tell everybody that since i join BRADFORD AND SHIPLEY BRANCH last year i have come to recognise that MAUREEN LEVERINGTON has devoted many, many years to organising this branch. without her there would not be half as much funding,collecting,organising. so my award goes to MAUREEN LEVERINGTON. WELL DONE! X

hi i wondered if there was anybody from bradford area that goes on this forum? i have had people reading my post but not replying. if you are a member of bradford and shipley branch then you will all know MAUREEN LEVERINGTON WELL BUT YOU JUST WOULDN,T APPRECIATE JUST HOW MUCH OF HER LIFE IS SPENT ON OUT WONDEREFUL BEST OF THE COUNTRY BRANCH. WE HAVE JUST AQUIRED SOME YOUNGER MEMBERS AND OUR AIM IS TO HAVE A MIXTURE OF YOUNG AND OLD -WETHER YOU HAVE PARKIES OR NOT! the more helpers we have the easier our MAUREEN will find it.for all those people going to our seasonal celebration tomorrow at PARK LANE COMMUNITY CENTRE (BEHIND ST LUKES HOS) come on lets give our long serving committee members a good afternoon and we will look after you too(volunteers are our unsung lifeline because we do it for free!)


hey up beamsley I am a new member at brad and ship branchI came once in september and am the young lad that sat at the back. heard alot about maureen from louise and from the newsletters