Hope I'm allowed to share

Hi everyone,

This is not really Parkinson's related, but is causing me great concern. My nephew's long time girlfriend has suddenly gone missing near Torbay. She is called Rose Polge and we are all worried about her safety. She is a junior doctor at Torbay hospital and I spent a long time talking to her about my Parkinson's recently. She is a lovely, caring person. Her car was found near some cliffs that go down to Anstey's Cove, but there has been no sign of her since Friday afternoon. I know some of you live in Devon and Cornwall and wondered if you might have seen her, or know anything that could help the police. Her family and boyfriend, (my nephew), are desperate for any information.



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Oh Twinks how worrying for you and your family. I know a lot of junior doctors are under such pressure at the moment with all the worries about the new contract on top of all the long hours they work!  I work within the NHS and we have some very caring and committed jnr doctors work with us. I think it's awful what is being inflicted on them.  I'm quite a long way from Torbay but if it's on Facebook would be happy to share all the information there is. I do hope there is some good news soon!! Love & hugs. Su. xx

I'm very sorry to hear this, Twinks, it's very worrying.

Is she the sort of person who needs a bit of time to herself now and again? Everyone copes with stress and worry differently, perhaps she just needed some time alone.

I hope she turns up safe very soon - please keep us updated.

Thank you for the kind words...... and BB for your phone call earlier. No news yet, I'm afraid:(

Su, if you google her name, the story will come up and you can share on Facebook, thank you. 

She was working very hard as a junior doctor and very long hours. And on a ward where quite a few patients had died recently, which she found stressful. But I wouldn't say she was the type to bottle it up and then disappear without telling anyone. Socially, she enjoyed fun times and being with people.

Stress can make us all do things completely out of character though. It's causing me to be a bit 'wobbly' today!

Sorry to burden everyone with a sad story on Valentine's Day.   x

Oh, stuff valentine's day - it's meaningless commercial rubbish!

How true!

I do hope the police find her soon.

People need a photo if they are to,look out for her.

I believe there is no facility to post photos on this site, but if you can....do. If not, you could change your profile picture to one of Rose temporarily..



No,there isn't a way of posting a picture on here. Not sure how to change my avatar either!

If you type in Rose Anna Polge, her picture appears on most of the News bulletins, though.

Still nothing more to report:(


Hi Twinks - my thoughts are with you and your family, and hope beyond hope that all will turn out well.

Keep focused and pray

Sheffy x 

Thanks Sheffy. Feel a bit useless up here in York.


I'm sure they are pulling out all the stops looking for her twinks not just in the locality but nationwide, hoping for you x

Twinks , i hope she turns up safe and well , ill check out facebook to see..thoughts are with you all .Godbless .

The story was in the Metro this morning so it's being publicised nationally. 

Yes, it was on Breakfast BBC news as well. It's not looking good. They have found certain items of hers on the beach.........not public knowledge yet though!

Oh heck, I'm sorry to hear that.


Oh Twinks, I am so very very sorry to hear of that that awful news, my thoughts are with you and her poor family - Sheffy x