The Good Book says that "Hope deferred makes the heart sick". As a Psychologist, researcher and a person of faith I am shocked by the almost total void of "Hope" other than that found in scientific research on any website, anywhere. It is as though the disease is all but unbeatable and faith in a higher power has no place in the discussion. Am I the only one who believes that when faced with the impossible we need to turn to a higher power?
For God, ALL things are possible and I believe that He is far more powerful than any disease. I am looking to Him for a cure and when He helps me find it I'm going to call the treatment The HOPE Treatment!
Before someone pulls this post off this site, yes, I am involved in Parkinson's research, yes, I was diagnosed with PD two years ago, and after two years of research I believe that God is guiding me towards both halting the disease and helping to find a cure. In the past two years of experimentation there has been no advancement in the disease or any increase in my symptoms.
To anyone considering taking down this post, you can do so, but with it goes HOPE!
I am sure no-one will ask for your post to be removed.
There is room here for all views.
I ,however , do not share your belief in a Higher power who can do anything.
It would not make sense that s/he lets good people suffer this and other diseases when able to offer a cure.
I am a humanist and feel that what we have is each other and on this forum the love and support that strangers come together to give each other fills me with Hope.
We are not alone.
hi dr bob
since god, creator of all things, is responsible for the disease, you may well be right that she has a cure handy as well. Unfortunately she and i are not on speaking terms after she destroyed christchurch cathedral in an earthquake. Of course we deserve to be punished with diseases and earthquakes because we are evil - but to demolish your own cathedral seems a little childish. perhaps god doesn't like people bothering her with prayers? that would explain a lot.
if god has chosen to give you a disease, perhaps you should just accept it instead of asking her to change her mind. she must have had a good reason. hopefully she doesn't give people diseases just to get them to pray to get them taken away and if god doesn't like prayers, as seem to be the case, she might get riled and give you another disease or even an earthquake.
i would advise caution.

best wishes
Hi DrBob,

Welcome to the forum and thanks for the interesting post! I personally don't think of myself as a religious person but have anyway little doubt that we can beat this PD thing - and I believe that sharing ideas and experiences on what works (or doesn't) will probably help us get there faster. On that point, you say you have done some experimentation and seem to have gotten good results - would you mind sharing what kind of experimentation was that and which parts of it you thought worked well?


Hi turnip
Why do you unthinkable god is female. :-()

Hope. By Joseph o Connor.

Bit of an Irish slant but thought provoking nonetheless


Perpetual budgets; our spirits are frightened,

Holes in the finances, tension is heightened

By feeling we're buying a pig in a poke.

But there's one thing untouchable: the treasure called hope.

Hope is commitment, courageous and tireless.

Hope is a song you might hear on the wireless.p

Hope's an old buddy who says: "Good to see ya!"

It's Count John McCormack singing Ave Maria.

Hope is a currency opens all doors.

It can't be downgraded by Standard and Poor's.

Read the full poem: http://bit.ly/10GVaWo

'The Drivetime Diaries', a CD of Joseph O'Connor's RTE radio columns,

[Amazing poem, Pmac. Thanks for sharing. We've had to remove most of it for copyright reasons but we've added a link to the rest of it for those who want to read it. (And you should) -Ezinda]
perhaps its better to think of god giving birth to the cosmos rather than constructing it?
It seems strange to me to have hope that a magical entity, who supposedly created the world and Parkinson's along with it, would also provide the cure. God is withholding that why? Indeed, god created Parkinson's why? it seems cruel and incredibly petty of god to do that; like withholding water from a person dieing of thirst. God did that so we would love our tormentor? As Nietzsche says, "bad air, bad air!"

For all our flaws hope should be located in our ability to understand and solve problems. Hope in god implies a lack of hope in ourselves

dr jonny
i quite like the idea of the big bang being ... perhaps this isnt the place to go into details. but one would like to think that god enjoyed the experience.
Hi DrBob it was so refreshing too read your letter ive been dx 3 years and without God i dont know how i would be Chris46
The God Paradox

Is God willing to prevent parkinson's, but not able?
Then he is not omnipotent.
Is he able, but not willing?
Then he is malevolent.
Is he both able and willing?
Then whence cometh parkinson's?
Is he neither able nor willing?
Then why call him God?

(or "she", as the case may be)

Like Goldengirl, I too am a humanist, or more particularly, a secular humanist and I approach my condition without asking for reward or fear of judgment.

As for the religious approach - whatever makes it easier for you. Personally, I don't have any "hope". Hope implies doubt and I am certain that some clever people somewhere are going to find a way to cure this thing that brings us together. But, there is room for all points of view.

To endith this lesson, let me just say AD ASTRA PER ASPERA .
Call me a cynical old sod,but is that the rattle of a collecting tin I hear in all the excitement? Beware the sting in the tail.
Dear Chris46
if your faith helps then good, we all need all the help that's available to us. We all have the right to believe whatever we want. And to express that belief. But if Dr Bob or anyone claims that god is personally guiding them towards a cure then it is fair to question that because it is applicable to non-believers. personally, i do not respect religion but i do respect people who have religion.
ps if you replace 'religion' with 'ancient chinese medicine' the same applies