Horrible taste in my mouth

hi guys, I'm about to start my 4th week on the ReQuip starter pack moving up to 1mg, and wonder if anyone else has experienced a horrible taste in their mouth, and is the medication possibly the cause?

Also, I'm due to see GP next Wed to discuss the follow on medication after my starter pack and I have read the ReQuip XL is a good once a day choice. Any thoughts on what I should be asking/reporting to him so we make the best choice for me?

I am still having this damn constipation which is horrible too!

Take Care
Tony in Cornwall
Hi Tony, I've been on Requip XL 4mg for about 6 weeks now with good results. I think the prolonged release is the superior choice as you get no gaps in efficacy across the day. Keep up your activity levels, fruit, veg and fluids. Prune juice/dried apricots or dried mangoes work very well for some types of constipation. Cheers from a fellow emigrated (well by 3 counties!) Cornish woman.
Oops forgot to mention, no horrible taste in my mouth. However, I did have a few months ago following a cold/sinusitis and the taste took alot longer to clear after the cold was long gone. Have you had any upper respiratory bugs recently??

Iv been on Requip since October 12, Since then iv had many problems with my sinuses including an operation, and I still suffer what makes it worse is iv been put on Azilect with good results but cannot take many sinus medication due to this im also on madapar Cr anyone eles have sinus trouble that is on Requip please let us know, all the medical people that i talk to says its not related ?
Thanks for your kind replies Silverkins and cockney Girl, interesting what was mentioned about sinus issues as I do get sinus problems, another thing on my list to mention to GP. Funnily enough today is a good day apart from the dreaded constipation lol, dried fruit, prunes etc are on my Tesco shopping list for tomorrow. As I have 2 young Jack Russell's, plus I'm a lone full time carer to my disabled young adult daughter along with an allotment, I do stay active. However there are odd days when apart from doggie walkies and the basics in the home I just need to sit down and rest!