Horse riding

I have ridden horses and ponies for most of my life and would like to continue riding as long as possible despite Parkinson's. The opportunity to look for a new horse to buy is coming up soon; does anyone have experience or advice on the best age and type of horse that would enable me to keep riding for the maximum time?

Hello Heather

It's years since I was able to ride,but my suggestion would be about 5 yrs old and a Cobby type,something steady !!
Good luck

Hi Roz,

Thanks for your suggestion. It makes sense and I was thinking along the same lines. However, a friend thinks I should have an older horse. I think it's time I started looking at possibilities. I've already had to part with my lovely mad thoroughbred mare! :disappointed:

Hi Heather,

It is just a thought, but do you have a Riding For the Disabled group in your area. They might be the best people to advise you.

Hope this is helpful,

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Good idea. I'll contact one of the local groups.

Many thanks,