Hospital appointment

Hi, do any of you have to attend Elderly care hospital appointments? My client does. When we went there most of the treatment/consultations were done in the waiting room. Both my client and myself felt very uncomfortable about this. Discussing personal matters in a waiting room full of people. He felt that he didn't matter and actually didn't mention some of his concerns. Dignity and privacy should have been priority. Would be interested to know how others feel about this.

I regularly take my 82 year old wife to Sunderland Royal Hospital where she is always treated  with dignity and respect, and certainly nothing is ever discussed in the waiting room.

Hi Babs,

I find your post very disturbing. No-one should have to discuss their medical problems in public, especially the elderly, who are often hard of hearing. There must have been a private room somewhere, surely. I would complain and explain how it made your client feel. Everyone deserves dignity and respect, whatever their age or medical condition.