Hospital appointments

Hello, can anyone tell me how they are coping with cancelled hospital app. I go every three months for botox injections ,for chronic migraines, but find they also help my neck spondylitis… due to cover no app since Sept 19, migraines are back gp has given me tablets I used to take years ago, but headaches have made my stress worse, how are others coping.

Hi @eunice

Welcome back to the forum, I am sure people will soon start to share their experiences. I am sorry to hear that you are suffering because you cannot get an appointment. In some area’s they are now starting to do face to face appointments so please do keep in touch with your GP and/or Parkinson’s nurse in order to keep up to date with things in your area.

Kind regards

Sue - Moderation team

Hi Eunice,

The answer to your question is – not well.
I’ve been unlucky, in that the lockdown came at a point when I was going downhill with the PD and needed to see a neurologist or Parkinson’s nurse for a drug review. In fact, I lost my neurologist for a while, since the Nuffield Hospital where I saw him privately was closed down.

Five months later my PD is still undertreated and the fact it that it has been a miserable time and very stressful for myself and my husband. I am in touch with my neurologist again. He has increased my meds and I am promised an appointment in two or three months time.