Hospital Delirium/Confusion

My Dad was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in 2013, and has deteriorated slowly ever since.

He was admitted to hospital on 13 December 2019 in a confused state and was diagnosed with a suspected water infection.

He was treated with a course of antibiotics to clear up the infection, and the hospital are no longer providing any treatment for any infection.

We are currently waiting for him to be moved from hospital to a care home for up to 28 days of “pathway 3” care.

However, after almost 3 weeks in hospital his confusion has only improved slightly. At one point he was also having hallucinations and was seeing puppies and trains on the ward. These appear to have stopped.

The night he was admitted to hospital he didn’t know who I was and was being quite aggressive and swearing. This has improved.

At the time of his admission to hospital, my Mom was also in hospital having a hip replacement and some people have suggested that this may have contributed to the confusion as he relied on her to provide care for him at home.

I have heard that Parkinson’s patients are susceptible to suffering from delirium/confusion while being in hospital and wondered if anyone had any advice/experiences they could share please?

We are hoping that moving him temporarily into a care home will help improve his strength and confusion enough to allow him to come home.

Parkinson’s medication can also cause confusion and hallucinations especially at high dosages.

Care homes, in my experience, are not the best places for getting medication on time and monitoring the other complications of Parkinson’s such as bowel and bladder problems.