Hospital delirium- please help with your experiences!

I have read various posts on here about the above so am starting to get an insight on the subject but I just wanted to get some opinions to see what you thought on something.

My mum is in hospital with a broken arm. She is 77 and has had Parkinsons for 15 years. A week in hospital and she now has delirium. I believe that she must have an infection- either a water infection or elsewhere in the body although the doctors are telling me that the blood test and the urine test are negative.

I don’t have faith that she is getting her medication on time as they messed up for the first few days at least. The Parkinsons doctor that she saw last Tuesday also changed the dosage of Sinemet from 5 doses to 6 and spread them out throughout the day (with a lesser dose each time), added another half of Fludrocortisone and brought the Fludrocortisone forward before the other tablets and added Amandatine for movement at night. My mum is also on antibiotics and painkiller paracetamol.

I know that any change of drugs/ timing or dosage can be bad. I also worry that she is not getting enough water in hospital. Right now, the doctors are saying that the Delirium could just be down to being in hospital and mum being traumatised by it but we really believe that it is either an infection/ lack of water/ or not getting medication on time/ changes to it rather than just hospital environment.

The doctor also says it is important to get her sodium levels up and put more salt in her food.

Other than ask the hospital to run the blood tests and urine tests again- what can we do? Is it best to get mum out of hospital asap to see if delirium improves?

Any advice is appreciated. I did call the Parkinsons helpline the other day but interested to get feedback from people/ carers who have experienced this. Thanks in advance!

Sounds a little scary, all that change in hospital. Hope she recovers soon and gets back to norm. I’d want to be there 24/7 to watch what being done, but then I’m a watcher etc. Hard for nurses too I suppose as so many patients to look after, all with different issues.

Kind regards

I must have been so lucky as I am just out of hosp after having major surgery on my back.
The nurses were great at making sure I got my PD meds on time. Even WHEN I was still down in theatre a nurse went out of her way to come down for me waking up to give me my meds.

I live in Scotland and any hosp I’ve been in has been the same.

Hope your mum is on the mend.

My experience of Scotland hospitals are very good, they are very quick to respond to needs, regardful of patients. Your lucky