Hospital messed up meds

My wife who has parkinson's has been having hemeroids for the past few months. It has now turned in to a rectal prolapse. She did have a appointment to the hospital today but had to be admitted last week has she had not had her bowels open for 2 weeks. We took her meds in with us and the wife told them what and when she was taking them. They would not let her self administer. The where giving her night tablets at dinner and even though I had wrote out a list and on the box it said 1/2 hour before bedtime. She even told me one nurse made her take 2 tablets instead of 1. She was getting realy stressed out. Her 2 oclock doses did not get given to her one day till 5pm dispite asking. One nurse asked her if she was ok has she was shaking a lot. She told her that she had not had her meds at 2pm when she should have done. It has taken 3 days for her meds to get back to normal. I have had to stop work to look after her till she has had the prolapse done which looks like early part of next year. Just also waiting for a phone call from work to she if I have to quit my job permenantly.
Dear Belleytere I'm sorry to read about your wife's hospital experience.I had the same problem when I had surgery .There is a web site you can put your views on wow.patientresponse,com I did this and I have actually had surgery again this week on the same ward Twas treated excellent and my tablets i gave my self.So I would like to think my comments made a difference to how Parkinsons Patients are treated.Good Luck.Angel4u
sorry that should read www
I was sorry to read that your wife's medication was not given on time in hospital. It is disgraceful. It is awful to think that nurses, who are meant to be caring professionals, are not realising or being told that suffererers of pd need to have their medication on time, otherwise they start suffering with pd symptoms.
hi bellyetere,

I empathise with you fully because i went through hell when in hospital for 10 days at the end of 2007. My parkinsons condition caused me more problems, pain and stress than it did recovering from 10 hours of major cancer surgery? This was due to me having to hand over my PD meds and thus relying on the hospital staff. If i ever go into hospital again i shall smuggle a supply of my medication with my shoes.