Hospital parking charges

I am sure all of you will have been hit with a unwelcome bill when your visit to your Consultant  overuns by a couple of hours "more often than not" ,especially if your visit is to a hospital  less sympathetic vto the Disabled community, I know that the charges go towards the upkeep of the car parks and landscaping but some are way too high.  However my local hospital Rake Lane , North Tyneside has a scheme  where you register your vehicle with the Hospital Estates and produce the required Blue Badge information t hen you can park free in any parking bay or anywhere as long as you are not obstructing the flow of traffic, now I know some of you will have similar  systems at your Hospitals but for those who were not aware and received fines , as my wife did  recently, £40  for being stationary while waitiing for a vacant space, ,you will be entitled to a refund as long as you have registered your veicle,I was not aware of this and as a result we have paid hundreds of pounds when there were no Disabled bays and were under the mistaken belief we  had to pay if all the DBays were full ,  we would not be aware of any of this had my absolutely brilliant PD Nurse Consultant not dropped in to see me, how many of our magnificent health care individuals have the time to simply drop in these days ,all the kindest of the kind staff who care for me at Rake Lane have this attitude, they will go the extra mile for you,and now because of this fine lady I will be refunded the £40 , a much needed amount when our combined incomes are dropping back and the bills are  rising, so thankyou L if you read this post , you are worth your weight in gold

                                                Kindest Regards   Fed