Hot weather

i am a carer of someone with PD. I am wondering how everyone is coping with this hot weather. I seem to be wilting in the heat hardly able to do anything but hubby seems to be having a few good days.
I know he feels the cold but why does he cope with the heat better :stuck_out_tongue:
it might be the sunshine rather than the heat
You could be right Turnip. After such a washout summer I suppose we're all suffering from sunshine deprivation. The action of sunlight on the skin is known to assist in the production of vitamin D. Could this be of particular benefit to Parkinsons sufferers? Warm sunshine certainly helps me to relax, as long as it does not get too hot.
I think extreme heat or cold makes things much worse but the brightness/light makes a big difference . Have seriously thought about getting one of those Sad lights for the winter . Although when it is darker I usually leave lots of lamps on arounf the house . For my husband .
when i went to see me bruv in spain i found me joints were feelin beter than they were back home,now i dont no if it was in me mind,i hope not:fearful:but the warth over there also made me feel more realaxed as over her in the country the warmth makes me realx to,but the sunlite when it gets to brite i carnt stand,and when its cold,joints,aches pains feels worse,agin hope it not in my head,and the climates do have something to do with pan and joints
I think that I am in agreement with the idea that it is the sunlight rather that the temperaturethat may benefit PWP. and no Ali , I do not think it is in your head. There is evidence that Vitamin D defiency is linked to and may even be the cause of chronic pain - back, muscle, bone any old pain.

Personally, I find hot weather very difficult. Luckily (for me) we do not get a great deal of it where I live