Hours cut!

Today I was approached by my employer who told me he was cutting my hours from 40 to 30 because I'm struggling first thing in the morning.I explained to him that at 5am noone is at their best and that my medication usually takes an hour or so to get me moving.
As far as I was concerned I was doing reasonably ok for someone with PD working in a cold environment,now according to one of the firemen because I struggle putting stuff in bags I'm not capable of doing my job........but when it comes to lifting pigs beef lambs boxes and other jobs I'm alright when it's me doing it and not them.
It seems like they are trying to force me out of a job or at least that is how it feels does anybody know where I stand on this matter, the doctor says I'm fit to work but it's like the 2 foremen know better...
Hello SlippyBT

This must be tough for you. But there is help available. I’m no employment adviser, but I do know that in the UK we have disability discrimination laws, which make it illegal for an employer to treat you less favourably because you are disabled. And they have to make reasonable adjustments to allow you to work.

You need specialist help on this one - from a trade union if you belong to one, or from the Helpline here, or from a Citizens Advice Bureau. Do please seek advice.

Good luck!
Just a quick update........spoke to the owner of the firm well his wife to be more precise.,she knew nothing about my hours being cut and to say she was pi**ed off would not be the right choice of words.
She even asked how I was coping with my work load and the lads I work with,as far as I'm aware and nobody has said any different I seem to be managing alright was my reply.
I have brought it to her attention that I feel like I am being bullied in the workplace and that I am willing to take things further if it is not sorted quickly,she said she was aware of the grief and the way I was being treated but did not want to do anything about it until I approached her about the problem.
It has now been agreed that myhours are staying the same (40) just I start at 7am not 5 ,RESULT!
It also seems that saying Disability Discrimination Act seems to work wonders so now I'm back to my happy self:grin:
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Your good news has cheered me up.

As Semele said the law places an obligation on employers to make reasonable adjustments where possible to accommodate the effects of disability/medical issues etc.

Comparing your experience and mine I think there are a couple of interesting points.

Most people mean well & want to help but they don't always know how to go about it. As PwP we can help by being open and upbeat but assertive about rights. (easy to say, harder to do).

A company that treats people fairly and well is a happier and more effective place to work. The positive atmosphere goes far beyond those immediately involved. There will be lots of people who will quietly watch and come to their own conclusions. This works in reverse too - shoddy treatment of one person poisons the whole company.

Good Luck & please keep us informed
Excellent news, slippybathtub. This is a good example of a firm reacting positively (albeit tardily) to a disability issue, and making a reasonable adjustment which has meant all the world to you.
Good luck with your work
Hi slipperybathtub

I'm glad that you seem to have been able to sort things out. Your employer does have a responsibility to ensure that other employees treat you properly under the Equality Act 2010.

I'm having a lot of difficulties with my employers at the present time - it's been going on now for over a year and have had to read a lot about the EA to push my union into action and keep myself sane. Unfortunately my lot aren't going to be reasonable and it looks like it may end up at a tribunal. I'm seriously considering retraining in another field at the moment as a longer term solution.

I hope that your boss stays understanding.
All the best
Hi - I am in a similar situation. My employer has offered me reduced working hours and flexability on when I actually work them. On the face of it this looks like a caring employer making my working life easier. When you think more carefully about it what they are doing is making me be 'sick' in my own time rather than theirs thus meaning they wont have to pay me sick pay if i can't make it in first thing in the morning. If I am late in instead of being marked down as sickness due to my Parkinsons it will simply become part of my flexible working. Can they force this on me?
Hi Shaken, sorry to hear you’re having problems.

Well, changing or reducing hours can be a “reasonable adjustment”, which some employees would want. But my knowledge of employment law isn’t good enough to say whether an employer can force this on you.

My usual advice: you need specialist help on this one - from a trade union if you belong to one, or from the Helpline here, or from a Citizens Advice Bureau. Do please seek advice.

Good luck!