Household rules for children - what shold the be?

It seems to me that there should be some difference in household rules if you are a family where someone has Parkinson’s disease. Wh? let me take my own case. I am 57, I have Parkinson’sfor ten years, I hae a five year olddaughter. Because of my parkinsoons disease, I cannot act as fast as some people when I see my daugher in danger. It is, therefore, vital that she understands that when I use a “serious danger” voice she immediately does what I ask her to do - be it stopping runing on to a road, using a frying pan when in danger of falling, and etc. Some questions I would be graeful of all help with…(1) has anyone made this arguent before? Do you know books articles, video abou his? what is s you r idea of how to deal with these kind of problems. has this issue been taken up by yopd folk?