How about some good news for a change?

We seem to wrap ourselves in a blanket of doubt.  We have heard it all before, a cure is on the horizon but when we arrive at that horizon, we only discover another one  away in the distance.    The horizon is only the limits of our sight but now there are others who can see over the horizon to the real possibilities of a cure.  Their science makes sense and they are diligently working on a way to defeat the enemy.  See my blog entry called "HOWZIT GOIN' on the front lines?"  Who knows ------things might not work out---again----although with this one, I feel optimistic.   We do have friends out there whose goal is to help us.   See  You will be glad you have read it.

We are not alone.

Don't know why the link above doesn't work.  Check the address and remove any "junk" after .ca and it should then work or just google "I've got that parkie feeling"

Hi all,

When I think about all the bad things that "might" happen to me culminating in death and wondering what my husband will do and who he will give my things to etc., I give myself a great big telling off and go and get something to do and enjoy myself.

I can't waste so much time thinking of bad things.



I just believe that nothing bad will happen to me - I feel the same now as I did in the years prior to my diagnosis (4 years ago) and when I read about all the advances being made by parkinson's researchers, I feel that a cure within the next decade will be a reality.  I am especially optimistic about the research of the Seattle group I referred to in my blog and today I read about a molecule that could stop the buildup of the alpha sycnulein protein in Parkinson's.   Now I don't know what that means, but it sounds good, doesn't it

As some performer sang "The future's so bright I have to wear shades"

Stay positive and optimistic.  You and your family will be fine.