How and when to take Ropinirole XL

I am confused as to how and when I should take my Ropinirole XL medication. My neurologist prescribed it and advised me to begin on a low dose 2mg increasing slowly up to 12 mg daily.
I have just increased my daily dose up to 8 mg which I am taking throughout the day together with Co-Careldopa. I believe I was instructed to take the full dose of Ropinirole XL all in the morning but I am not comfortable taking so much medication at once and I feel more at ease spreading it throughout the day. I will be very interested to have the views of anyone else who has been prescribed Ropinirole. Currently, I am timing all of my PD medications as listed below.

8.00 am 1x 25/100 mg Co-Careldopa
“ 1x 4 mg Requip XL
12.00 am 1x 25/100 mg Co-Careldopa
“ 1x 2 mg Requip XL
4.00 pm 1x 25/100 mg Co-Careldopa
“ 1x 2 mg Requip XL
7.00 pm 2x Laxido Sachets (Constipation)
8.30 pm 1x 25/100 mg Co-Careldopa

Thanks in advance for any input, Gerrard

HI I put off taking medication for about a year when diagnosed with “Parki” I to stated on 2mg but I had it in my mind that I did not want to take any tablets at all, it did not help when seeing my GP he seemed to smile, your only taking a small dose yet wait till you take 25mg a day. Any way it was 2010 when I was first told that I had PD, Since diagnosed I was given a PD nurse who I see every six months she has slowly dropped of some of my Ropinirole XL and added matapour, I can not answer your question but if you have a PD nurse talk to her if not, telephone or e-mail “Parkinson’s” UK and speak to one of there nurses.

Hi @Gerrard,

Having read your comment, I understand your concern regarding your medication. I absolutely agree with @mary1947’s advice, I would encourage you to consult with your Parkinson’s nurse or give our helpline a call.

One of our advisers can arrange for a Parkinson’s nurse to give you a call back within 24 hours. Feel free to give us a call on 0808 800 0303 from Monday-Friday: 9am-7pm, Saturday: 10am-2pm, or you can email [email protected].

Best wishes,

Hi Gerrard , I have a totally different regime
0715 22mg Requip XL , 162.5mg Madopar , 100mg AMANTADINE, 100mg Entacapone
1030 162.5 mg Madopar , 100mg Entacapone, 100mg AMANTADINE
1430 162.5mg Madopar , 100mg Amantadine, 100mg Entacapone
1830 162.5mg Madopar
2230 162.5mg Madopar

I’ve been on this regime for a couple of years at least…Ive been taking ropinerole for at least 10yrs with no adverse effects . In fact the only time I’ve had side effects was when taking Sinemet which just made me feel ill

Hi Gerrard,

I take Requip XL 10mg all in the morning. I am no expert on this but my understanding is that its slow release and will automatically be released into your body throughout the day so it wouldnt make any difference taking it at different points in the day, but like I said i am no expert. I can tell you though that the meds aren’t making any difference for me so I am questioning myself why bother!!

Hi All,
Many thanks indeed to those of you who have responded to my posting. Since I did so, I have also been in e-mail communication with my PD Nurse who has indicated that Requip XL is a slow release drug which is generally taken in the morning but that spreading the medication throughout the day as I am doing should not present any problems. I propose to continue doing so as, for whatever reason, I am not easy taking too much medication at one time. “Wildrover” like you, I have questioned the efficacy of PD Medications and often wondered whether I should stop. I have continued with them for fear of any adverse consequences should I do so. I was not happy when requested by my Neurologist to commence on Ropinirole but I was given no option but to do so. At our last meeting, I raised the subject of DBS to control my shaking which is now quite advanced. My Neuro replied that surgery was not an option he could consider until I had tried other drugs. Initially I was advised to try Selegeline followed by Ropinirole if selegeline gave no relief. That proved to be the case so I commenced with Ropinirole following advice to begin with a low dose of 2 mg increasing slowly up to 12 mg. Neuro indicated that at 12 mg we should know if it was proving to be effective. Owing to the known side-effects of Ropinirole I have moved very cautiously and increased the dose very slowly at my own discretion. I raised the dose up to 8 mg just a few days ago following a particularly upsetting day with my “Shakes”. I have to admit that the following day was much improved, obliging me to reconsider my negative views about the efficacy of PD Meds. It is still early days to form a clear and definite conclusion as my symptoms have always been up and down making it extremely difficult to determine if that is related to the timing of my medications. I remain confused. The next stage for me is to raise the subject of DBS when I next see my Neuro. However, I am, uncertain whether the Health Authority would agree to it at my age “84” and, if they do so, whether I am able to face it.
Best Wishes to all, Gerrard

Hi Gerrard,
I like you have increased dosages steadily but unfortunately for me haven’t experienced any real difference. Although my train of thought tells me if I didn’t take the meds I would probably be worse. I have considered levadopa but my nurse and neuro are reluctant to prescribe due to my age (51). And to be honest my non motor symptoms are worse than the motor ones so a levadopa option may only be counter productive.

I just keep soldiering on…