How are things TURNIP

I hope you dont mind me asking but I for one have missed your views and wisdom is all well with you old friend your input is sorely absent if some unpleasant fate has befallen you I will be greatly saddened and if it makes you feel better send a post telling me to  !!!*@:$ off.

                                                    Best wishes   Fed


I have also missed turnip,he has helped me in the past with medication advice etc and i do hope he is ok,hope her posts something soon     Best wishes   Anne 29





Hello ANNE29 thankyou for replying,I have only contributed to this Forum for about 1yr and in that time swapped many posts with our mutual friend, it is a bit worrying when a regular suddenly stops sending there  will probably be a simple answer to our concerns but if you are reading this turnip confirmation of your good health would be wellcomed.

                                        Your Friend among many    Fed

HI Fed,

            I was surprised to read that you had only contributed for a year,I also read all your posts and find them interesting,I was diagnosed 18 months ago but certainly had symptoms for at least a year earlier.

      Reading your posts I believe you have had p.d.for a lot of years,I live in Scotland and think we are quite lucky with the access to the various professionals to help us all.

           As yet no reply from turnip,I will also add,turnip please confirm you are ok.Cheers Anne29




 Good morning Anne, it is probably  longer, my activity on this forum , time flies when your enjoying yourself

 turnip appears to be having a rough time at  the moment so I wont keep trying to contact  him, I had a post from Sheryyl yesterday who  informed me of this, but whatever happens to our friend we all of us on the  Forum    wish him well, thank you for your post, and do keep in touch, oh incidentally  where in Scotland you live we have just spent a lovely week at Yarrow near Selkirk .

                                                I hope you have a lovely day  its very  sunny but also bitter cold here

                               in Northumberland                                Fed