How can I help my husband believe that he still has a life worth living?

My husband’s symptoms include a strong tremor in hand and legs. These prevent him concentrating on anything, typing on the computer, walking, playing the piano and even reading. He feels that he can’t do anything at all and his life has become worthless.

Can you suggest anything that he could still do? Most activities seem to involve physical ability or mental effort.

Hi there. I’m very new to this but I hope others can help with advice and support. I am in the same boat more or less with my father and I completely empathise x

Hi Alyson,

Are there any local group meetings for PWP in your locality? It must be so frustrating for your husband but attending social events with fellow sufferers may help both of you. I have found the dance exercise group I attend once a week invaluable and it’s good to be able to discuss how our week has been as we can all relate to the symptoms etc.

Hi Alysonmacuk, Not that he should take up sewing but shows things can still be achieved.

I have Parky, my wifes friend has MS. Her friend is one of the bravest people I know. She makes me realise life is worth living with her attitude. There are people a lot worse off than us when you look round. On a bad day I shake like an Elvis impersonator I pop a couple of tramadol for the pain and squirt some cbd oil under my tongue. I go and lie down for an hour and within reason I settle down. Good friends and a brilliant wife are my reason for living.

hi alison before my dad passed away he was in the same position but with the help of our social worker we got 2 personal aides for 4hrs. a week to take dad out it gave him such alift if you can ask your social worker or pd nurse there will be help out there

Use a tablet or iPad, single touch or voice activated are virtually standard. Not ideal, but will keep the world available

Hi @alysonmacuk ,

I’m really sorry to hear that your husband hasn’t been coping very well. Sadly, it’s common for people with Parkinson’s to get depression, however with the right help and support, he can overcome it. We have a lot of information on how to get help for depression along with a list of useful contacts.

In light of the details you’ve shared, I’d also recommend that you contact our helpline service on 0808 800 0303 to speak to a Parkinson’s specialist who will be able to offer more advice on the help and support available to you and your husband.

@Naomie, please feel free to use the advice above for your father and do look at the support that we offer to carers as well.

I really hope you both find the information above useful.

Best wishes,

Hi Alison yes I can fully understand your husband as I had the same problem, I felt parkinsons had taken all the fun out of my life too. Has your husband had a chat with either his neurologist or PD nurse as they might alter his medication if needed which may help? I recently had the DBS op which has made life much better & given me a lot of confidence back plus cut my meds down. I’d advise your husband to inquire about the op as I had a low quality of life before it.


If your husband enjoys a good book and now has difficulty holding one, try audio books he can listen.

There are also book stands or tabletops to fit over chairs. He may be able to read from a book placed on a table top, desk. Enquire at a mobility shop.

You say strong tremor in hand and legs. Has he a arm hand not effected by tremor ? I have a tremor on my right side, I have learnt to use my left hand to type on the computer takes practice.

Walking is great not only exercise but gets you out in the fresh air, meet people , visit places.

Not being able to walk skips the exercise but with a scooter wheelchair you are able to get out and about.

Chair based exercise too.

Yes, some things have to go on the back burner but ADAPT is the key, chat to your doctor get referals to professionals who can help and support you and your husband.

Try not to give up, there are ways to help you, take a deep breath and see what is out there, when I feel down the best advice I receive is 'think about what you can do rather than what you cannot do’
Its tough and you need support, best wishes. X

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