How can you cope with other illnesses as well

can some one please tell me if you have other illnesses as well as pd,how do u cope,im strugglin rite now.thankyou x:smile:
Don't worry Ali, according to my ex-GP, as soon as I had PD I was immune to all other conditions.
I recognise what Eck is saying, although I find that if I go to my GP whatever is bothering me is down to Parkies, if I phone the hospital to ask for an earlier appt then those symptoms are unheard of in Parkies.
I have glaucoma, diagnosed about 2 years before Parky and I have had disc problems in the past, but the pain and walking problems from that is now blamed on friend Parky.

Sorry if you are feeling low ali.
eck ,i have athritus of the spine,and 6 vertibras have gone ,and there is something new happined tome,which i dont wont to dicuss on here.but wot im tryin to ask is,i have other conditons,and cus of new one im strugglin to cope with erm all,i wonted to no,if others have other conditons as well as pd ,how do u cope,give me some tips please.i thought i was doin pretty well with dx of my back and pd,but now things lookin gloomy ,and harder to deal with ,just need some surport some how,how shall i cope