How can you tell how meds are doing?

Hi all,

My OH is driving me in sane, when first dx his GP gave him Sinemet (lowest dose) which he took for 10 days, they helped a little, then his Neuro put him on Sinemet plus 3 x daily which he has only been on for over 2 weeks. I felt really positive when he could tie his shoe laces, get his trousers on easier, even eating more, just some of the things he has been unable to do for months on his own.
His tremor does seem to be more erratic but occurs less then before, he was having terrible back and neck pain which he is relieved from.

He started with a chill about a week ago, usual cold stuffiness, then bad chesty cough, which is always worse with him due to his asthma, he always dreads anything getting on his chest. I have asked him to start trying to do a bit more walk about a bit, make yourself get out of bed of a morning, feed the hens (which he has not attempted to do for a good week now). It seems as if he's thrown the towel in, just coughing,and sleeping all day long, and moaning that he can't help it.
I may come across as harsh but with him now having PD, should he not see his GP? he can't tell me if the Sinemet is still making a improvement for him? I just can't shake him out of this mode.
I seen our GP on Friday, was told I had Bronchitis, and was put on penicillin, pain killers, and inhalers to help with my breathing.
I have just had to carry on and still do everything whether I am poorly or not.(same old same old) I have told him please please please, if its just a usual cold you have get on with daily things, if its more see the GP, and have something for it.
As I mentioned before we also have my OH brother who I care for he is mentally handicapped, and I can honestly say I am going down hill, I love my husband with all my heart, and I will do everything possible to help him with PD, but I feel I'm never going to get out of the woods, I have not been out of the house for about 3 weeks, sorry about all the moaning, love hols x
Sorry you are having such a hard time at the moment.

Infections can be very difficult for a person with Parkinsons, often the medication doesnt work so well and we feel very unwell. It also sounds like your husband has a very low mood at the moment, he may need some medication for this. If he wont visit the GP you could think of contacting your PD nurse if you have one or the PD help line. PUK also has support wokers who may visit you at home. The helpline people could give you more information.
Thanks Hikoi,

I will do as you suggest, I realise just how little I know about PD. I feel ashamed for calling my OH a moaner, he obviously can't help it.
I was having a down day when I posted, no one replied, and when I read back my post, I could see why.
PWP have got enough to contend with, without listening to my waffle, I felt so guilty, you are all so strong and amazing people. I need to take a leaf out of your book, thanks again, love hols x
You are not a moaner you were just having a moan, quite different and good you can let off steam here. You have such alot to deal with at the moment and especially now you cant rely on your husband for support and help. You are now caring for two people and i don't know what help you might be entitled to but thats why i suggested getting in touch with the PUK support worker for your area. They should know and they are able to home visit.
You are doing a great job Hollytree. Thinking of you.
Hi, Hollytree,
Yes, you've a lot to contend with, and deserve to have a moan, just as we pwps and others deserve a moan in tough times. It can make you feel better just moaning- as long as none of us gets addicted to it, or people might get fed up of listening. But if it works and helps, then you've gotta do it.