How do I gauge what stge of Parkinson disease mt Dad has?

Good morning, My Dad has had parkinson disease for about 3 years, and is coping well with medicaton. My differculty is he lves in Spain, I have just had a recent visit to him and he has given me a medical report, which is in Spainish, i have had the report translated and now tring to find out the severity of his disease, we have reading like stiffness axial2/4, MSt 2/4 Bradykinesia and more? Is there a way I can find out what theses score mean?
Many thanks

Hi and welcome to the forum, @dawnrhughes.

How difficult it must be for you to live away from your dad while he has Parkinson’s. The best person to speak to would ordinarily be his healthcare team. Some of the members here are likely to have some ideas for you so hopefully they will jump in.

I’d encourage you to call our Helpline to see what support and advice they can offer you. You can reach them on 0808 800 0303.

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