How do I know if I have Parkinson’s

I’m new here, so a big hello to all.

I have spinal problems for a while, combination of since birth and after a heavy fall.

Anyhow, over the last few years I’ve been fall over for no reason, tripping on ‘dust’ and dropping things. Objects would just fly out of my hands for no reason, had a bowl of hot soup just jump up out of my hands and then land on me. Not good.

My eyes also flick from side to side, sometimes few a few seconds, sometimes lasting a few minutes (which can be scary).

I have spoken to a neurologist and also mentioned about my shaking legs and hands. However, it was diagnosed as jumping limb syndrome.

My legs don’t jump flick out as much, but they now tremble instead, sometimes violently.

My hands tremble so much that I find it difficult to get a spoon to my mouth, when trying to feed myself. Plus, when I’m on my iPad my index finger will ‘judder’ and select a topic I didn’t want.

I have recently gone back to my doctor and requested further diagnostics.

Can anyone give some advice, even if I’m just imagining it.

Thank you for your time

Hi cherlouise the only sure fire way to find out if it,s pd is to request a dat scan good luck to you don,t let them put you off keep pushing until you get one

Hi Cherlouise

I agree with Peter, the only sure fire way is to have a DaTScan which will check the dopamine levels in your brain. When I was going through the process of diagnosis, it changed from PD to Essential Tremors (which makes me smile - essential, I don’t think so!) and then after a scan, some 8 months after I started to see my neurologist, I got the confirmation of PD. Everyone is different, both in terms of their individual problems and their medication. What works for one person may be anathema to another. I’ve already had a reaction to Sinemet and a ‘me too’ copy of Requip XL, so whilst it must be a worrying time, it is not a sentence.

Talk to the professionals and press for a scan as soon as possible.

All the very best for the future.