How do symtoms of pd effect you

poor balance
loss of bowels and bladder function
cramped writtin
soft voice
i have pd in me rite side the most ,but it is seem to be creepin on to me left as well,not sure why.i have inner tremors in the hole of me body ,ihave tremoer in my right hand and arm,and rite leg.stiffness is a nite mare.consipation is a huge issue at the momment ,i have now ibs.ihave rsl in me legs.i also have a supa pubic catherter in me tummy.iget a lot of anxierty,and get depressed very easy,and wound up easy,wheich i never use to.ihave swolling probs ,and go to a speech ,laungage lady to help control the mussles in the throat.balance is not good,i tend to vere off to the left,and have falls,i walk with a stick.:smile:
Alij - my tremor - it is more of a violent shake is my left side but when I sit or lie down it seems to transfer to the right side. Hence my insomnia. My balance is shot to pieces, I lean forward when trying to walk & lean to the right when sitting/lyinng. The constipation is horrible as is the back ache. I do not think I suffer from depression but I am seriously bad tempered. Keep your spirits up
ps I do not use a stick as I feel they are too flimsy. I grab hold of the nearest piece of furniture. My door jambs are covered in finger marks. And I do worry about pulling the sink away from the wall.
Hi anne, i can relate to what ur saying, ive become really bad tempered lately. Dont know if ive got constipation tho, altho i seem to go 4 or 5 days before i go. My balance is shot to pieces, i cant go out without my crutches now.
mine are very much the same although i have loss of balance and tremours to the right side of my body..constipation is a real pain with crohns..i can never remember if i have taken my daily meds for my other health issues.

hate drooling at the left side of my mouth..although not all the time.
yes moods are big with me..always shouting at hubbie and get v.tearfull everyday.

feel like i have turned into the hulk if you know what i mean.

take care i understand..i walk with permanant crutches now..been useing them for 12 yrs.

also got myself a scooter to get to the shops.
your symptoms makes me feel that i am making a lot of fuss about nothing, relatively speaking. :flushed:

saw a video of someone with advanced dyskinesia and it scared the ******* out of me! am going to avoid levodopa for as long as possible or until they can stop that side-effect.
turnip,ino were u comin from about these drugs,belive me been there and out the other side ,bad,but hey im here and i tell u wot ,we all differnent ,i reacted bad to side effects until my meds are looked at propley ,but that does not mean it gonna do it to you and other people ,im senstive to meds always have been ,if ur dr surgess it time for u to start meds give erm a go if u can and if theres a side effect after a while well then its up to u ,it s ur body ,dont be pussed into somethin u dont wont to do,u have all the surport on here and i hopes u well,xxhugs x:smile: