How do we explain pd to our kids

is there any info out there that can help people expalin to kids about pd:smile:

This is a book for children about PD if anyone is interested

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There are several PUK publications about this subject. They may be ordered or downloaded
They include:
My Dad as Parkinson's
My Mum Has Parkinson's
My Grandad has Parkinson's
My Grandma has Parkinson'
Talking to Chilren about Parkinson's

(I think that is a very good Q ali)
thankyou you very much caroline and ab for that info:smile:
It depends how old the children are. It's a tricky one. I've condsidered this myself, because my kids are (now) 7 and 4 - quite young. And here [uh-oh, blatant blog promotion warning!] were some of my thoughts on the topic:

Talking to the kids, I used a computer analogy - part of the computer that is my brain doesn't work properly anymore, but you can't replace bits of peoples brains like you might with a machine (ie a faulty computer).

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my daughter is 22 now and ive had pd for 10 years,shenow quite alot about pd and is very helpful ,but even after all this time and her age even as iam progressin there still things i need to speak of if u no wot imean ,,she has looked at stages on the internett but really it can be overwelmin it doesnot really expalin things proper to her ,and i feel it up tome to say wot happinins next ,im in stage 4 im told and o i dont no ,ihope uno wot imean ,does these books help with wot i need to no how to tellher i tryed to look at the link i was givern but i got thrown out the thread agin ,it big nusence at mo:rolling_eyes::smile:
My grandkids have read "My grandad has Parkinson's"
I think it's easier for young children to accept than older people.
Ali - The Rasheeda Ali book that Caroline suggested is the most informative. While written for (older) children, it might help adults, too.

There is also a "... For Dummies" book, too (part of a well known series of vaguely technical books that cover any number of subjects). I haven't read this, but the Amazon reviewers seem to like it.


(or search on Amazon for "Parkinson's Disease for Dummies")

Michael J. Fox's books are very readable and contain a surprising amount of information. My take on them:

Books from this side of the pond seem less evident. Cecil Todes' autobiography is very good, albeit slightly out of date, a bit dry, and very out of print. Nonetheless, it's readily available secondhand.

There's Sarah Nock's book, too, which I haven't read but am about to order...
thankyou so much all of you for you info on this subject ,im sure my daughter and many more peoples children no mater how old they are will get so much useful info from theses books x:smile: