How do we know what's PD and what's not?

I have some pretty unpleasant back pains, generally across the top of my back but can be all over. Sometimes they can take my breath away with the intensity, and they do seem to be worse after periods (days) of limited or no physical activity, such as Christmas, when the demands of a young family mean even less time than normal to get a session in.

I'm trying to manage my PD with exercise, mainly cycling, so no prescribed meds as yet, but how do I, or does indeed anyone, know what pains are due to our condition, and what are just unrelated? 

Hello Drewster

Can you decide if pain is PD or something else by a process of elimination?  Assume it`s not PD until everything else can be eliminated.  A sports or remedial physiotherapist could give you some relief and my experience is that during massage they can tell which muscles are not responding properly.  In my OH`s case they could say this is because of PD and here are some exercises to help.

We go to a private therapist and she charges us £35 for an hour`s treatment.  This seems to be abut the usual rate in Surrey and she has been a great help.

Hope you feel better soon.


I know Drewster when levadopa takes the pain away then it is Parkinson's.   Muscle pain is invariably related to PD.  

If you have the misfortune to have been ️with PD ( otherwise known as the b**** ) you need to have a session with a registered neuro physio they are specially trained to work with PWP XX


Whenever you go to GP about something 9 times out of 10 its put down to PD.

I agree with jenny i had major surgery in 1994 on my back and have other health issues that i have had medication for ,my condition is deteriorating and my medication has to be changed at times, now all i get from my GP that it is Parkinson's that is to blame for my health issues.

Absolutely full of this ough/chest/throat infection that seems to be doing the rounds - unable to exercise and my back pains are significantly worse ... cognac therapy being tried at the moment.

I had that in Feb Drewster it is horrible. I am not aloud any cough medicine or decongestants as it can effect my hypertension meds, There are some cough sweets called Throat & Chest made by Jakemans in Boston Lincolnshire they are the best cough sweets around. In a black bag sold in the Co-Op & Boots & poundland.

They are the only ones I ever use now because they are the dogs B****** of lozenges I have to fall asleep with one in my cheek and as it melts in my mouth it helps clear the flem that gets all caught up in the throat .

They are a bit like liquorice to taste.  Combined with the Cognac they should whip your cough into touch in no time.


Keep warm and have a drink for me just don't go mad as it can effect my pills lol.

BB x




I have a referral to a neuro-physiotherapist.

A little nervous as my experiences of sports-physio invariably involves lots of pain and lots of swearing (achilles treatment)

neuro physiotherapy are specially trained to deal  with our PD and are much more gentle than standard physiotherapy. 

they will show you some exercises that can help if you walking is effected and one thing I can suggest is a stress ball used in your hand on the side the PD is affected.