How do you cope with all the fainting?

Writing this for my mum who has advanced parkinsons. How do you cope with all the fainting? I
think the doctora have made as many ‘tweaks/ balancing’ with my mum’s medication as they can now and everything seems like a trade-off in terms of managing symptoms.

My mum faints many times a day now. It can be at different times- no set pattern. My dad eases her down to the floor and puts her on her knees, then she will try to have a glass of water. Although she doesn’t drink as much as she perhaps should.

I have heard about having more salt, fizzy drinks, orange juice. What practical things do you do when this happens to you? My mum is trying to hang on for as long as she can before she always goes in a wheelchair. It’s really hard for her because she wants to try and keep the little mobility she has. She is 76. Thanks in advance

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Hi Sorry to hear about your mum.
I used to faint quite a lot and always felt so warm. And thirsty. So my hubby would get me into bed and open.the window wide no.matter the weather and get me a drink of nice cold water
I know this prob Not much help.hoping your mum gets a bit better and best wishes

Babs x x x

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Hi @HavanaS,

I hope all is well.

I can imagine this must be really tough for your mum especially as she’s trying to avoid using a wheelchair. Have you tried speaking to one of our advisers? If not, you may want to give our helpline a call on 0808 800 0303 for information and support on your query.

There’s also information on the Parkinson’s UK website on fainting and dizziness in relation to Dopamine which you can find here.

Please feel free to explore both options and do keep us posted on how you get on.

Many thanks,

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This is something I have been experiencing just over the past few weeks, the first about 4 weeks ago I went face first into a coffee table and ended up with 2 black eyes a scrape on my nose and forehead, but my most recent just over a week ago really gave me such a bad one that I tore a muscle in my back and it was so painful’
I don’t seem to get any warning I just go out like a light and to be honest the faint is the least of my worries it’s the damage caused that I worry about, I have taken to wearing a baseball cap to at least minimise the impact.

Hi everyone
I am interested in this topic and the post by Tam the gardener. this light switch thing happens to me around 10 times a day, fortunately, it is a switch ON up to now. I could be doing anything from eating a meal to doing a task such as typing. Maybe it’s more like going to sleep as opposed to fainting however the result would be the same ie I would hit the floor.
Any thoughts, anyone?

Sorry- what do you mean? A switch ON? Sorry to hear that this is happening to those on this thread too.

Yes- it’s definitely the damage caused and not the faint itself. My dad is at his wits end, following my mum around and trying to catch her every time. It has resulted in a recent hospital stay where she broke her arm.

And then sadly, she fell last week again- went out like a light as you say- and fell on the same arm. It doesn’t appear that she has broken it again…I hope!

In hospital, they tried to manage the fainting as best they could. They tweaked her medication (although there is only so much tweaking you can do I believe, in the later stages of Parkinsons). They also tried to manage her salt levels to limit it happening. Regardless, it still does happen but my mum is still fighting for her undependence (which I know she needs to cling onto), so for now- she is trying to avoid the wheelchair as much as possible.

I wish the universe could invent something to help with all the symptoms of Parkinsons and right now, if there was something to help keep my mum upright and give her that last bit of independence, that would be top of my list!

In desperation I turned to the forum. My husband has had Parkinson’s for 18 years. He “faints” often. I have to ease him down on the floor or a chair, which ever is the nearest. He has Postural Hypotension which I assume many Parkinson’s people have. His standing blood pressure is so low average 60/43. He is on Fludocortisone and Midodrine but nothing helps. He is on Sinemet and Sinemet C.R at night. Any advice people. Also his weight has fallen dramatically.

Yes- I completely understand and my mum and dad are in exactly the same boat. My dad is at his wits end as he is constantly on edge, trying to be there to ´catch’ my mum everytime.

My mum is on similar medication to those that you mention. I don’t have any answers as nothing seems to work either. I am sure my dad would be happy to talk to someone in the same situation.