How do you know if you have Parkinson's?

Hi I am 51 years old and my mum had Parkinson's and then went onto to develop lewy body dementia, is was horrid seeing her get worse so very quickly. She passed away 5 years ago and I am now worried I might have Parkinson's. I have several mri scans as I have a lesion on my brain and I am under a neurologist but feel I don't really know what is wrong with me, i have very stiff legs, with a right side weakness, occasional tremors  but not all of the time, very restless legs at night, the need to urinate at least 4 or 5 times a night. I am guessing these symptoms could be linked to another illness but was just wondering if Parkinson's was an inherited  disease or not?


Many Thanks in advance

Hello dog lover, I was told that it is rare to inherit PD but it does happen. My granny had it and two of my dads sisters. I hope you find the answers you need. My very best wishes to you. 

Hi Dog lover and welcome....I was dx in 2013 though had symptoms since before 2009. Stiffness, esp right side, awful restless legs, pain in joints, loss of smell, walking stooped and dragging right leg, woozy heads, not moving right arm when walking, shoulder pain. Nobody that I know of in my family had parky.  I am so sorry to hear about your dear Mum, it is so sad to see your loved one go through so much, mine had a massive stroke at 66 and now at 88 is in hospital yet again after another fall. The stress exacerbates the symptoms of PD and the tremors etc def feel worse. You say you have been under the hospital for 5 years and still no diagnosis? What have they told you? You need a word with your P D nurse and put your mind at rest. Or chat to a nurse from this site who could help you, I am sorry I cannot be of more help but please push for a dx and if you need a chat there is always someone here who understands, we are a friendly bunch.  My best wishes to you



Hi, Thanks for the lovely comments. I have been told I have  brain tumour but my symptoms don't match that of a 'normal' tumour so I am just concerned about my symptoms. I feel like I am constantly drunk, dizzy and woozy headed most of the time. How to I chat to a nurse on this site please?

Hi Dog Lover, 

Sorry to hear you've been feeling so unwell. As stated above, it's very rare to inherit Parkinson's. Have you received a diagnosis? 

You can talk to a Parkinson's nurse by calling the helpline on 0808 800 0303. I hope this helps. 


Hello Dog Lover sorry to hear this about you and your dear mum, I was dx at age 47 I am now 50 and mid stage classed as complex. But there is more now that can be done for us than there was a few years ago. I hope you get your dx and its not anything they can't treat but if it does turn out to be PD don't let it drag you down we are all on hear for the same reasons we will all support each other when it going gets tough. And do call the helpline to speak to a PD nurse I have on several occasions when I was initially dx and at times when I have struggled. They are fantastic. BB xx

Sorry to hear about your problems.  I was diagnosed almost 7 years ago and while the condition has progressed, it has done so slowly.  In fact, when I remember to take my meds, I am completely normal (normal? what's that?).  If you do indeed have PD, I have 2 recommendations - take your medication on  time and exercise, exercise and then exercise some more.  I believe exercise (which I do 6 times per week on an average of 46 -55 minutes) is what is keeping PD moving at glacial pace.