How does Parkinson's dementia progress?

My husband was diagnosed with PD 11 years ago, and a year ago was diagnosed as having mild cognitive impairment. This seems to have accelerated somewhat; we are in the loop with the memory clinic and they have suggested that he may have early stages of PD dementia, and have a nurse coming out next week to discuss medication. My mother died eighteen months ago with vascular dementia and I know something about how that progresses, but I can’t find info on how PD dementia behaves or progresses. Anyone…?

Hi @Giffy,

We are sorry to hear about the difficulties you’ve been having and please accept our condolences. You may find this Dementia information on our website helpful for you and your husband. Our Helpline specialists are also able to advise you on all aspects of Parkinson’s and would be happy to talk this through with you. Please feel free to call on 0808 800 0303. We hope this is useful for you.

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Hello, my husband was diagnosed with PD in 2012. About four years ago his concentration and processing of information was becoming less good. We were sent for memory testing and various scans. At the end of all this he was given a diagnosis of Lewy Body dementia. Not uncommon in PD. The way it differs from other kinds of dementia is that my husband has hallucinations and delusions. His memory is not so much affected. I wish you well. C.