How effective are neupro patches?

My doctor has prescribed me neupro patches 2 mg to help with my restless legs and general foot discomfort. I have only been using it for a week or so and I feel Fluey since I started. Should I stick with it? Anybody care to share their experience? Thank you.

Hi Boomerang83, I have been useing neupro 2mg for over a year now for my wrestless legs and I find them very effective. The only side effect I find is the patches can be very irritating.

Thanks for your reply. I would love to stick with them but I feel lousy when I am on them. What time do you take yours?

Hi Boomerang83,

I remove the old and attach the new about 11pm.


Hi boomerang83.
I had suffered with irritable legs syndrome for about 30 years especially at night and it was only when I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s 10 years ago that I realised there were medication for it. The Neupro patches are amazing, The first night using them I slept throughout the night, the first time in many years, I started with 2mg then upped to 4mg and I am now on 6mg as like many drugs they don’t seem to work as well. The only thing I will say is that when you first start taking them and have to move them around your body I found that when I placed them at the bottom of my rib cage around the side of the body there was a lot of irritation and sometimes burn marks so I only place them now on the tops of my arms and have found the Neupro patches extremely effective, so much so as when I have forgotten sometimes to put them on I have had a really bad night with my legs, so to me this is a wonderful drug and like many you have to use them for a few months to get the full effect and yes you may have a few minor side effects but are you sure that the patch is the cause? It maybe your body just getting used to another drug.Don’t stop using them until you have given them a real go it is so worth it. I put my patch on about 8 pm as I go to bed at 10 pm and that has worked very well.

thanks so much for your constructive advice,