How I got Diagnosed with Parkinsons

Hi I was diagnosed on the 03/10/2009 I can remember the date as it’s my daughters birthday, I was 49 years old I worked for a family firm as a HGV class 1 driver . Driving a lorry was the job I always dreamed of, driving all round the country ( loved Scotland)
The way I began to think there was something wrong I thought there was something wrong with the brakes on the lorry I was pressing the brakes and nothing was happening sometime’s so I would press them harder and stop sharply so I’d put a default notice in only to be told that there was nothing wrong with the brakes, then I noticed it was happening to everything I was driving I noticed that when I thought I was pressing the brakes my foot was not moving so I went to the doctors he had is suspected what it was and referred me to a neurologist and when I went to see him I just walked into his office and he said I am 99% sure you’ve got Parkinsons just from the way I walked with a stoop. I new about Parkinsons because a college at work husband had Parkinsons and my uncle also had Parkinsons so I had people who I could talk to . Well the scans proved it and the patches also improved the way I was getting about, but because I was driving a HGV I had to quit my dream job at least I got 10 years at that job before that I worked at ford of Bury 17 years as a pre-deliver inspection of new and used cars supervisor again got to drive all over the country, delivering cars
At the moment I am on sinimet I have tried others but I start to gamble on the computer I lost quite a lot of money so I went back on to sinimet
I would also buy watches for no reason ended up losing our house because I didn’t work sold my car ( cheap car for me to get to work and home) as soon has the money went into the bank I gambled it .

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IF you are taking a dopamine agonist such as Ropinirole, get off it as soon as you can. This is from personal experience. You will need to take coming off it very slowly and might not be succesful first or second time but persevere. Contact you Parkinsons nurse or neurologist please for advice.
Dopamine agonists can cause of gambling issues… Search post on this forum and on the web for more information.

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