How is you parkinsons

how are you feeling?
how are you coping?
how quick is your parkinsons progresing?
hi ali j, to be honest feeling rotten this morning but thats how i feel every morning the right side of my body feels like it dose,nt belong to me and i have no motivation my get up and go has got up and gone, i have had pd 8yrs and luckily if you can call it luck it is progressing slowly but has dipped in the last 12months, some days i just feel like sreaming and others i think theres always someone worse than me, how about you. sue.
Every morning I wake up and think that this Parkinson's was just a bad dream and I'll be fine now, but I am not. Had it for nearly 4 years now and thankfully it is progressing very slowly. Can't walk very far which is most frustrating. My legs get very stiff and heavy. Been having some physio to try and improve my posture and gait. However, when I make a determined effort not to shuffle and to take big strides I always end up looking like John Cleese doing his silly walk!

That said, I think it is important always to try to stay cheerful and to remain optimistic as depression is the PD sufferer's worst enemy. Don't give in to the black dog!
Not to bad today. The tremor is prominent on left side. I feel everything I do is in slow motion, suffer with depression, like Lilly lack motivation to do anything. And It is progressing into the right side.
I know there are others worse of than me, especially sick children.
So if this is the hand I have been dealt, then I have no choice but to deal with it. So enjoying life now with loved ones whilst I still can. PB x
Hubby has trouble with freezing in doorways and crowds etc. You know what I mean I'm sure. Well do you have the same trouble ? His physio referred him to the Stroke Clinic physio who trialled him with (F.E.S) functional electrical stimulation !! This is available through NHS or privately 'Bioness' have a £4000 system that works better. His heels are often up off the floor, causing him to fall, this system sends a shock through his leg until he puts his heel to the floor. (Similar to a tens machine)His walking and confidence has improved enormously. The physio doesn't know why more people aren't referred by their consultants/GP's . Bioness was the company that fitted Eddie Kidd with his walking aid for the Marathon.
Sometimes I wake up early and look at my husband sleeping peacefully with no tremor.As soon as he wakes up his arm starts shaking.He recently complained of pain and stiffness in his other arm at the shoulder but doesnt want to see the GP about it.I dont know if physio would help.We havent experienced the door freezing yet but he is leaning forward more when he walks.
Hi Functional Electronic Stimulator Just to update on F.E.S. 'gadget' that my husband has tried, to help with walking. Unfortunately after trialling over a longer period this 'gadget' does not help as much as first hoped. He has tried the NHS F.E.S. with wires and a battery pack also Walkaide 'gadget without wires (£1800). The latter doesn't seem to stay in position and is weighty, the NHS version is better although he finds his skin reacts to the gel patches and the wires sometimes come unplugged. His freezing when walking on the flat in stressfull situations has increased so back to the drawing board.....!!