How Long Do The Meds Work For

I’m not currently on any meds as my tremor is minor and the CBD oil helps the stiffness. Though I do suffer with severe sweating, insomnia, fatigue and lack of motivation, I prefer to sit on the couch than do the garden.

I’m sure I read the meds only work for a few years, is this true, how long do they work for and what happens when they stop working?


They do tend to loose their efectveness over but when they whether they do varies from person to person. That is why you need regular appointment at! hospital to review ypiue medication

My meds have been working 11 yrs ,you do have to juggle them round now and then , and sometimes introduce new one’s but I have never heard they only last 5 yrs .

You have been of the lucky ones ,Gus Some people do find thier medication wear thin It veries from person to person… I’m very pleased toh ear that yours is workingj

I would say I was on one drug In the early years which I got compulsive behaviour from then swapped to the good oldest drug out there sinemet, then when I started to take to much dyskinesia showed it’s ugly head, so had deep brain stimulation, which lowered my intake,then one morning my legs stopped working, so my Nero added entacphone & Azilect which made a big difference but I gave up smoking & drinking lost 5 stone, so my back pain eased a bit have facet injections & epidural every 6 months, my pd was very aggressive I was only 36 yrs old,had pd for 11yrs 46 tablets a day and still positive have my bad days still.Walk my dog and go to my local fitness centre for sauna,steam room and exercise in pool.key to Parkinson’s is keep moving if you can.

You are a Good example to us all… I say carry on the best you can and don’t let pd get to you