How long for Madopar to work

Im 44 and was diagnosed Parkinson’s with a Datscan 2 weeks ago. Main issue is left side tremor in hand/arm and started in left leg. Some sleep disturbance and need a poo 3 times a morning Bristol chart 5/6.

My doctor started me on Madopar 125 last week 3 times a day. Im also taking inderal which seems to help with the tremor.

Now since taking Madopar I feel worse. I have energy/nausea issues and looks like no benefit to the tremor. How long can it take to see a difference from Madopar. I guess im being to impatient?

Still trying to work and continue life like normal but the low energy and nausea is tough. I was hoping i had another 5 years of normal ish life…

We just wanted to pop in and remind you that our lovely team of advisors can help with questions around medication and dosage. It’s a free and confidential service and our community here have had loads of positive interactions with them. Please don’t hesitate to call them on 0808 800 0303.
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As an update I started taking Motillium at the same time as Madopar and it made an absolutely enormous difference!! I went from having no energy and huge nausea to feeling almost normal again. The lesson is take Motillium with Madopar if you are new to it!!!

As a further update it took nearly a month but now the madopar makes a difference.

I no longer feel “wobbly “ in the morning and most of my symptoms have more than halved. For those of you starting the levodopa you really do have to give it a month to see the effects. I definitely had a terrible first 2-3 weeks on the drugs getting worse first before getting better. I still need the anti nauseau motillium but am slowly reducing it.