How long for meds to take effect?

Hi I was wondering how long it takes for your meds to work especially madopar and sinemet?

Mine normally take between 15 mins to 1hr to kick in and relief my symptoms and last 2 1/2 to 3 hours till I go in off state then take another tablet that goes on till I go to bed.

Folks can tell you how they go but we are all so different no one can realy answer you correctly . How are you doing anyway you still got your dog ? 

ldj is correct.......Our medication can vary so much in effectiveness, depending on timings, dosages and the food we eat. Levadopa based meds like Madopar and Sinemet are severely restricted if taken with any sort of Protein food. 

Poker cool

I'm 59 and have had PD for 15 years. My medication (Rasagilin, Stalevo, Amantadine, Half-Sinemet and since August 2017 - Madopar), has largely been unchanged for several years. I have to take them at 3 hour (or less) intervals, yet it can take anything from 1 to 6 hours to kick in. Very unpredictable, even when sticking to a strict routine