How long should I give new meds?

I changed from Ropinerole to Pramipexole a week ago.

On the first day I felt a bit odd but that passed, then for the next few days I felt better - the anxiety and chest pains the Ropinerole had caused started to go. But for the last couple of days, I feel like all my PD symptoms have come back. I'm really aching and tired, and walking has suddenly got more difficult. 

Does this mean the new medicine isn't working, or do I need to give it more time?

Hi Tabbycat,

As you know, I came off Ropinirole as well. Like you, the side effects were bad. I'm now on Madopar and felt the beneficial effects straight away, after the first capsule! Don't know about Pramipexole though, so not much help I'm afraid. Others will know, I'm sure. Hope you feel better soon.


Thanks Twinks. Good to hear you're doing well on Madopar.