How long till a cure

hi,is there anyone out there,evern the moderaters who can give out the correct information of how close are we to a cure,if at all please:smile:

We are working hard to find a cure and progress is being made all the time

Do have a look at the research section of our website and you might want to download the latest copy of progress

Much more information about the current developments, including reports made by community members who have visited some of the projects, can also be found in the research section of this forum.
when u press that link it says the page not found,either been moved,or unavaible,but i found if u press resurch at the top of this page it takes u to it,i gather this is then the lastestet info instead?:smile:

Sorry about the link. i am not sure what the problem is

This should take you to all our research publications including Progress
thankyou tim:smile:
I had a great aunt who lived with PD most of her life and she was 104 when she died, not of PD she had a heart attack. So I am going on that over 50 years since then and experts are still seeking a cure. Like many other diseases research takes a long time. Hopefully a cure will be round the corner for everyone.

Radz x
when i was diagnosed with Pd 18 years ago i was told by my consultant that more research was being done, more than ever and they were confident of a cure or major medication controlling parkinsons, so i was fairly upbeat at my future, i was 32 then , im now 50 and with no major drugs or anything even close to a cure, i feel my time will be stuck with this nightmare until i pass, sounds kinda negative but being realistic here. i see theres alot of research, funding and more people looking at so many ways of attacking our nightmare we call PD , i thank them all so much for their efforts but i feel maybe the aliens landing might have more of an effect or better ideas lol sorry thats the way i see it, hoping im proved wrong, i really do !!

HUgh aka welshbearuk
p.s.message to the aliens if they are watching & reading lol cmon guys shake a leg, if yor gonna show yourselves do it soon we are in need of yor help, big time *winks* hehehe........let the force be with you !!
Unfortunately I think you are right Welshbear. In fact I think one of the ways forward is if the neurologist, researchers etc read all the forums and listen to what we are all saying .

From one welshman to another ..In wet Wales this morning ....
I always pray that one day maybe the researchers will stumble to a cure by mere chance, perhaps even researching for another cure for a different ailment as it happened a few times. Even a drug for the heart which could hold the key to Alzeimer was in the papers lately ; it is true that it is too slow, particularly when we are suffering so much, patients and carers alike.

yup johnnie & natasha, with all the techno gadgets of today being so much more ahead of the times these days, they seem to change monthly, i only wish the same time , effort and money was put into finding a cure. If they only knew how our parkinsons nightmare effects us not only on a daily basis but in many of our cases hourly, never an hour the same, killing our lifestyles by id say about 90% . i was going to say i wish they could feel what we feel if only for a day, to sample the nightmare of PD but i wudnt wish that on my worst enemy.
A cure is needed NOW and not in the future ,i can only see yet more decades passing with still no great differance. With more and more parkinsonians praying, wishing and hoping for something that will never happen. please tell me im wrong but being realistic, the brain is truly amazing a computer of its own kind, just a shame we have to pay the price for its motherboard blips, which no computer geek can fix !!