How long to obtain new men's

I attended my annual consultation on the 6th March and was told that I was under medicated.   I waited three weeks for the prescription to be electronically sent to my GP.   Hearing nothing I contacted my Parkinson's nurse  and requested she chase it up.  Another week passed and I phoned the hospital to be told that it was signed off and was now with my GP.   Today 5April I had a telephone call from my GP stating that they still had to liaise with my Consultant.   I suffer with  manic shaking when I will get the new Meds is anyone's guess.  Does it take 4 weeks and counting is this normal procedure?

The health service is in a bad way you have to push hard your case , 

good luck 

Ian x


My neuro/nurse usually send to gp electronically (email) in about 3 days, I usually get a paper copy in a week or so. i spose that is the time their secretary who works 3 days a week processes the infomation.

so No not normal.