How many tablets


Hi everyone,

I am interested to know how many tablets people take.
I was diagnosed 11 months ago and have been taking co careldopa ever since. Started with Sinemet but when I moved house my new doctors wouldn’t prescribe this.

I take 4 tablets a day 25/100mg. I feel that my symptoms are slightly worse now but I am reluctant to take any other drugs as I keep reading about the negative side effects.

Does anyone take co careldopa more than four times a day?

I will probably get in touch with my lovely Parkinsons nurse but was interested to hear other people’s views.

Many thanks.


Hi Margs,
I am taking exactly the same strength and number of co-careldopa tablets as you. I was diagnosed in 2011 and originally started off with Sinemet. The change to co-careldopa was made by my pharmacist and without me realising. The medication was prescribed by my neurologist to control tremors but I have never been aware that they gave me any improvement, My tremors are now much more advanced and recently my neurologist prescribed Ropinirole in addition to the co-careldopa. I have increased the Ropinirole from 2 mg up to 8 mg at my own discretion and I do believe that the Ropinirole is giving me some relief. I am not aware of any negative side effects


Hello Margs in America when it comes to sinemet allot of times some doctors look at your age and if your symptoms are mild. If a person is younger the doctors sometimes us drugs that target the cells that make dopamine. I am no doctor. But the medicine cause those cells to produce more.
Getting back to the amount of pills and timing when to take seem to be trial and error. I started with 1 pill of 100/25 sinemet 3 times a day at 59 years of age. It is hard to get an appointment and the wait time can be 6months here.(USA) What was suggested to me by other will PD was to keep a daily diary.I wrote down from morning a to night and how I slept all my symptoms and their severity. The doctor could get a very good idea on adjustments of medicine given. Through time I have increased over 5 years to 2 pills every 4 1/2 hours and 1 100/25 slow time release sinemet. (total 900 ml. per day)

If you are under medicated you will get slightly worse. (the disease is progressive). The reason I say to keep a diary is because we are all different. (Protein intake effects,Slow GI motility, Activity level,injuries that we have had that might effect the symptoms, depression, anxiety, tiredness, and so on).

So with all this above,with such a short appointment time (15 min. USA). Then add in the long time between appointments.

I hope the daily diary and if you have lost faith in your doctor. Find a new doctor if possible. your doctor should be impressed with the clarity of the statice of your disease. Hope this helps.


Hi Margs,
i take Sinemet 125mg 4 times daily or every 6 hours. I also take 2mg Ropinirole at night before retiring and also use 6mg Rotigotine trans dermal patch (24hr) daily. I have a very active tremor affecting my right side. The Sinemet keeps my tremor reasonably under control. The Rotigotine and Ropinirole keep my Restless Leg Syndrome at bay. All the PD meds I take combined, are doing a good job keeping me active and happy. What works for one person however, might not work for another. The thing is finding what works for you and that is often by trial and error unfortunately. As Omahatom suggests above, keeping a diary of your symptoms and severity is the way forward. Hopefully this will allow your clinician to start fine tuning your medication.


Hello ChasC so dam many medicines. But the nice thing about it . If a person has a problem with one of them. There is probable one your body excepts.

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Many thanks to you all for taking the time to reply to my question. I find everyone’s comments very helpful.