How much levodopa?

Hi, currently aged 52, I’m 5 years since diagnosis and (under the guidance of my neurologist) have steadily increased my medication since then to enable me to function as normally as possible:

  1. Started on pramipexole 1.05mg/day (prolonged release)
  2. Added Madopar (more or less the same as Sinemet) 3 x 62.5mg/day after about 2 years
  3. Gradually increased to about 8 x 62.5mg/day (whilst still taking the pramipexole)

As I still have another 15-20 years to go I’m wondering if I should try to cut back on the meds a little to give me more headroom for the future, and minimise dyskinesia.

Whilst I appreciate everyone is different, how have other people progressed with their meds over the long haul?


I found this. It’s a long read, but might give insight into what can happen with too much meds -

My Hospitalization with Parkinson’s Disease — Out-Thinking Parkinson’s (

It convinced me to be very careful about increasing L-dopa.

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I was diagnosed with pd over 5 years ago. I managed (just) without medication for two years and in the last 3 years i have gone from 3 sinemet 100mg a day to 6 stalevo 100mg a day, one every 2 or 3 hours. I think if the meds make life bearable take what works. But definitely keep an eye on dyskinesia.

Thank Lemon - pretty sobering reading. I’ll keep an eye on my meds from now on…

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I was diagnosed with Parkinson’s in May 2008. After an MIR brain scan, I was started on a low dosage
of Stalevo, and Requip (Ropinorol). Now thirteen and a half years later, my medication list has grown to
what it is today.

Ropinorol 18mg requip slow release tablets once a day in the morning.
Stalevo 200mg levodopa/ 50mg carbidopa/ 200mg entacapone tablets four time a day.
Clonazepam 2mg tablets at bedtime.
100mg Safinamide tablets, once a day in the morning.
25mg/100mg co-beneldopa at bed time.
This is keeping me as normal as I will ever be .I lose my balance quit often and freeze a lot
and without my walking aid, I just would not be able to go out.