How much per week are councils providing for care home costs(make the truth be out there)

How much are councils providing for care home funding per week?

My father is due to go into a home in Bedfordshire and Central Bedfordshire Council Are saying the maximum they will provide is £600 per week. Now that’s seems a tad untrue as their own homes cost £1,000 per week, as they informed of this on a visit to them. So who is telling the porkY pies ?

It also seems a tad strange that Beds only provides four homes they would like you to visit and all four are due to be closed/knocked down (as per their website) fully understand wanting to keep their monies in their own pockets but even the homes where a long way to visit from 15 miles to 37 miles one way. Plus we looked at a home three miles from his home location and was informed by Beds that the home was not in Beds but in Buckinghamshire and they would not support that. Why why do they tell lies ??

My general question is how much are councils in the uk providing from their budgets for people per week for care home provisions within the Uk?

Let’s all have a list that all off us can then go back to these people whom are supposedly trying to help us, but seems to not tell us the full picture.

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That’s a much more complicated question than it seems. It is a bit of a lottery out there but a good place to start looking for information is by reading this